Facebook the ultimate social networking platform has now has 900 million users world. That is really amazing figure and this also means that you can connect to million of users around the web. Although Google was managed to steal some of the traffic from Facebook via Google Plus but still its the king of social networking. Many people claim that they are aware of all the features of this great network but let me tell you that there are many features that are not hidden but are lesser known to common people and that’s why i am writing this post on 5 Lesser Known but Awesome Facebook Features.
facebook logo
1. Friendship Page.

Friendship Page is the most lesser known feature to public and its kind of cool one. It a particular page between you and any of your friends which is only visible to you and your friend. it shows the time since both people are friends and all the post and liking which both these friends has do over the years. So if you recall the memory of your particular friend than this option is ideal for you. Just type the URL given below in your browser and hit enter to see the effect.(Replace <Your Facebook ID> with UserID or UserName)

http://www.facebook.com/<Your Facebook ID>?and=<Your Friend’s ID>

2. Facebook Impact.

This one is also cool. With Facebook Impact feature you can know how many people you have refer to Facebook. Facebook really keeps all the record so you might be surprised to see the result. I actually refer only 1 friend so far which is really astonishing for me. Login to Facebook now and click on this link http://www.facebook.com/impact to see how many friends you have refer to Facebook.

3. Facebook Photo Badges.

Facebook badges for blogs and websites are very popular and you may have seen one before. But not many people know that Facebook also allows creating Personal Photo badge for everyone. You can even include your photo, date of birth and your city information too. just go to this URL http://www.facebook.com/badges/profile.php and create a badge of your personal profile.

4. Download All Your Facebook Data.

You can also backup all you Facebook data including images, messages, friends list, wall posts and all other activity. So why you backup all this data well just in case Facebook block your account or someone hacks you account and delete your account than at-least you have backup which you can restore later. Go to the settings page of your profile or visit it from here https://www.facebook.com/settings and click on Download a copy of your Facebook Data in order to create and download backup of your Facebook  profile.

5. Ignored Smiles.

In Facebook chat we can use more than 25 smiles or emoticons but its very difficult to remember the codes of all smiles and that why we use only 4 or 5 emoticons in our chat conversations. So here is a list of all smiles and there code.

facebook smiles and emoticons