Samsung has launched its new series notebook named as Samsung Series 9 Notebook which is really gaining interest of many people. There is a lot of talk about laptops, notebooks and touch devices like iPad that which one will remain in future. Many believe that notebook time is over and only laptops and touch devices will survive in future. However they have to think twice after seeing these models from Samsung. This series contains 2 models of 3.3 inch and 15 inches which places it in the laptop category. The notebook is so thin infect less than half and inch for 13.3 inch model and half inch thick for 15 inch model. This beast of notebook has weight less than 3 pounds which makes it really portable and perfect for mobility.

samsung 9 series notebook ultra thin
Stunning Design.

The Samsung Series 9 Notebook designed with mobility in mind so that it will be light weight but strong enough and doesn’t comprise on the performance you need today. First time in the history of notebook these laptops are built with the same material as an advanced aircraft, this notebook is twice as strong as aluminum yet weighs less than 3 pounds. These notebooks features elegant lines and a premium finish that are eye-catching, but it’s the arching side curve that makes a statement. This simple detail reflects the natural flowing streams and architectural arches that influenced its innovative design.

First OLED Screen Notebook.

Yes you read it right, its the first ever OLED screen notebook which means its perfect for any lights and you will never miss any enjoyable moment of your life. The native resolution of both notebook are 1600 * 900 which makes it really High definition notebook. Its bright screen will make sure that in bright sun shine or in dark you will see every possible details of your images. If you live for the latest HD movies and games, then Samsung’s SuperBright screens, with 400nit brightness, will transform your mobile experience. You can enjoy HD movies, games and other favorite media even when viewing in direct sunlight with no annoying reflections.
samsung 9 series notebook
Multi-touch Clickpad.

We all know that Multi-touch Clickpad feature in Apple laptops is very appropriated by its users so Samsung has also introduces this Multi-touch Clickpad feature into these notebooks. Featuring a new glass coating and image sensor, the button-less multi-touch clickpad is stylish and convenient. You can enjoy enhanced multi-touch awareness and better palm rejection, which means no more cursors disappearing or jumping out of place.

Backlit Keyboard.

One of the biggest disadvantages of notebooks that it cannot contains Backlit Keyboard which means you cannot type i darkness. But gone are the days now you can type in dark too with Samsung Backlit Keyboard.


These laptops are powered with the latest 2nd generation processors Core™ i5 Processor 2537M from Intel which makes them really ideal for professionals. It comes with premium Microsoft operating system Windows 7. It has 128 GB Solid State Drive which is really the future of hard drives. You can choose between 4GB DDR3 and 8GB DDR3 RAM for high performance. Intel® HD Graphics 3000 makes it ideal notebook for high definition content. Other features include 1.3 MP HD webcam, WiFi, 3 W Stereo Speaker (1.5 W x 2), Bluetooth V3.0 High Speed, one HDMI port, 2 USB ports, MicroSD slot, Headphone jack, Microphone jack, RJ45 connector etc.


As we all expect the prices for these models are quite high and you can buy these notebooks in $1,399 for the 13inch model and $1,499 for the 14inch model. But with so many new features the prices is very much good.