If your blog traffic is not as good as you would have like than you can increase your blog traffic via Facebook. Many newbie bloggers just ignore Facebook and they don’t even know the power of Facebook. But mainly its not there fault because they don’t know how to use Facebook in order to bring targeted traffic to there blog. We all create Facebook fan pages for our blogs but just creating Fan page is not enough in order to attract the visitor and convince them to like your Facebook page. So you have to customize your Fan page settings and install an application which will show a custom page to every user how don’t yet have like your Fan page. You can use this method to encourage visitors to like you blog’s Fan page.

1. First Install Static HTML iFrame Tabs

In order to show different pages to the fans and people who are not yet fans of your blog you have to install an Static HTML iFrame Tab application into your Facebook fan page. Login into your Facebook account now and visit this URL[link]. You will see a Install Static HTML iFrame Tabs Facebook page. Just click on Add to my Page from the right hand side links and click on Add to page button so that iFrame will be added to your fan page. now close the window and now we will begin the second part of our journey and which is creating your actual Landing page.

static html iframe for facebook

2. Design Landing Page

Now its time for some Photoshop skills. You have to create two images of 520px wide with any height(1000px maximum). First create and image which will hide all the information of your fan page and just show the like our page heading. This will encourage the visitor to click on like button so that he or she will see your page content. Now in second image you can show all the information about your blog so that visitor when clicks on like button he or she will be greeted some message. You can also redirect fans to the wall of your Facebook page but its good to show them another custom image like ours.

facebook fan page samples

3. Put some Code in iFrame

After creating both images you have to upload these images to your webhost either via WordPress or FTP. Copy the URL link of these images and open your Blog Fan page in new window. On right hand side you will see a new link Welcome. Just click on it and it will give you the option of putting some code into iFrame. You have to put <img> tag with URL to both your images. In first box put image link of picture which you want to show only visitors. In second box put image link of picture which you only want to show to your fans. After putting code in both boxes save the setting by clicking on Save all settings at the top of the page. Remember you can also customize your landing page with CSS.

customizing facebook landing page

4. Redirect visitors to Welcome Page

Now that you have created the Welcome page its time to redirect new visitors to this page so that they like your page. Login into your Facebook account and open your blog fan page. Click on “Edit Info” icon just below your fan page name and you will see various settings. Click on “Manage Permissions” link and than select “Welcome” link from “Default Landing Tab”. Save setting by clicking on Save button and there you go, your custom Facebook landing page is ready to rock the world.

facebook landing page settings