How to Get Free Skype Credit

Skype the number one software to make voice calls on internet is rapidly growing its customers all over the world and the major reason to using this service that it allows you to make calls from computer to computer absolutely free of cost. Which means that you can make calls to your friends and family members any where in the world without having to buy any extra equipment or credit. But Skype is also offering its customers a paid service through which you can call to any mobile or land-line number any where in the world from your computer. All you have to do is to buy credit from Skype, install the software and you are ready to go. There is also a computer trick through which you can get free credit of 2 dollars.
how to get skype credit free
1. Download the software.

First you have to download the Skype software from this link and just click on blue Download Skype button in order to start the download process. If you are already a member on this site than you have to login other wise create your Skype account here. After registration it will download the installer on to your hard drive.

Double click on the mini installer in order to download and install the actual software. This will take some time so please be patient. After successful installation close the application and now we will move to the next step.

2. Change you IP address.

Free Skype Credit offer is only for united kingdom visitors only so if you are not from United Kingdom of Great Britain than you have to use any IP changer software in order to change the IP address of your computer. For those who are not familiar with this word “IP address” let me tell you that all the computers on internet are recognized by there IP addresses so if your IP address is from Pakistan’s IP range than any body can see that you are from Pakistan but if you install a IP changer software than you can also change your IP to any countries IP and hence you change your country.

For this you have to install IP Switcher software from Cnet website. After download install the software and change your IP to United Kingdom IP address so that you can benefit from the promotion. Make sure that that your IP is change by visiting the website and see what it shows.

3. Like Facebook page and get Credit.

Ifeelgoods is giving away 2 US dollars Skype credit to every Facebook fan who like there page. So in order to get the free credit you have to like Ifeelgoods Facebook page from here. After that you will see a new dialog box just click on “Skype” and you will get your code. Now login into your Skype account via the software you install before and click on buy credit links. Simply enter the code and you will instantly earn 2 dollars credit through which you can call to any mobile or land-line number any where around the world.

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  4. bobby says:

    its not working,, the ifeelsgood.. thing .. they are not giving any kind of credits…

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    not working now

  6. danilion55 says:

    not working i think the offer is now closed

  7. rahil.ak says:

    I have changed my IP To us IP,and tried to get skype credit from ifeelgoods on facebook by liking them but i didn’t get any voucher code,please tell me why?

  8. sajjad says:

    its not working same body tell me why??

  9. FlaxG says:

    the method you shared is not working, do update your blog with new latest working method !

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    The Method you have shared is not working anymore. please update with new one.


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