Shop Online in Pakistan with UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card

If you don’t have PayPal account in Pakistan and want to shop online like want to buy webhosting from HostGator, Godaddy or any gadget from online shop than its time for you to get UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card. This is the first ever Prepaid Visa Debit Card in Pakistan which means that pay first and than shop. I got this card today and was amazed by the application process and the features of this card. With Visa logo you can use this card any where in the world, Withdraw money any where in the world via ATM and even shop online and buy everything you want to buy. This is the ideal card specially for Pakistani bloggers who are bound to use Credit card only and i know that not every one can afford Credit card.

shop online via UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card in pakistan

How it Works.

You might be wondering that without opening account how this card will work for you. The answer is that UBL will create one virtual account for you in a virtual branch (code 1993) with your name. The card is then linked to that virtual account and it has Visa logo on it so you can use it any where.

Features and Benefits.

The most amazing thing i like about UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card that you don’t need to open regular account in order to get this card. This card is just ready for you and all you have to do is to visit nearest UBL branch, pay 100 rupees card fee and it will be yours. No rubbish documents needed, no balance limit, no extra charges its just dream card for us. Unlike UBL Wallet Visa Debit card for which you have to activate session(for 24 hours only) in order to shop online, this card is already activated which means you can use this card 24/7/365 on internet.

Verify E-Currency Accounts.

You can use it to verify your Alertpay account in Pakistan or any other E-currency account. Some says that it can even be used to verify PayPal account in Pakistan(not recommended) by opening PayPal account via USA name and address. Because this card has no physical address so you may be successful but remember this is illegal way and PayPal can any time block your account and hence you can lose your money.

Who can get this card.

Almost everyone in Pakistan who has Nadra ID card can get this card. This card is available in three types for all types of people like Traveler card for Adult men, ladies card for ladies and Teen card for students and children’s under the age of 18 years. So virtually everyone can easily get this card from online UBL branch.

How to get this Card.

This card will be yours in just few hours. All you need is two photo copies of your ID card, Job proof or residence proof for adult men only. Ladies and students can get this card by only submitting 2 photocopies of ID card or B-Form. You can even order this card from your home. Visit this UBL bank page and fill in all your details.

How to Reload your card.

Reloading is very simple, just submit cash into the branch from where to get your card or if you have UBL account than you can transfer money from your account via check, ATM or net-banking.

Fee Structure.

You can get new card in just 100 rupees + 116 rupees FED. Ever time you withdraw money from ATM machine other than UBL 15 rupees will be deducted from your account. Overseas Internet transaction charges are rupees 300/- or 3% which one is greater.

Card Limit.

Maximum balance per card limit for UBL Wiz Travelers card is rupees 2,00,000/- only, UBL Wiz Ladies card is rupees 50,000/- only and for UBL Wiz Teen card is 20,000/- only.

24/7 Support and E-statement Facility.

Gone are the days when you have to visit bank in order to solve your queries now your UBL Wiz Internet Visa Debit Card problems are just a phone call away. Also you will receive an SMS every-time you withdraw or transact money online via this card. You will also revive monthly E-statements of your card on your E-mail address or you can check your balance via ATM machine..

  1. Girish says:

    Hi nice card. I wish this could be available in Bangladesh too.

  2. Jan says:

    I just looking through the internet for a bit of information and came across your site. I am really impressed by the information that you have on this blog.

  3. Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

    Zahir aap UBL WIZ card se Alertpay account verify naheen karwa satkey. Alertpay $15 bank wire transfer key leyta hey aur aaj kal wo kisi bhi bank ka credit card approve naheen kar rahey. UBL wiz internet card key monthly charges naheen hain sirf transaction charges hain Rupees 300/-

  4. Shahjee says:

    Kya is UBL Wiz Internet card ko lete waqt 10,000/=Rs tak ka load bhi kerwa sakte hain? kio keh aap ne tu 2 lakh se 20 hazaar tak ki limits likh di hain,
    zara samjhein keh first time ek banda kitne load kerwa sakta hai?

  5. Usama says:

    UBL INTERNET CARD sucks…UBL staff are cheaters….Account officer give me mispresentation….they said me that their is no charges…and now after reading your blog I came to know that it has 300 transaction fees…what can I do now?? If I ‘ll use it in future again I have to stay alert to give more 300 other than BILL….WTF….A lot better thing is to get a bank account in a bank who give you VISA DEBIT card 600 per year with no other fu…g xtra charges….UBL YOU SUCK!!

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Usama each and everything have its own pro and cons and UBL Visa card benefit is this that it can be easily get-able to everybody with no hassle of rubbish paper work or bank account.

  6. Dan says:

    3 ubl branch par ja chuka hon bolte hai k inke pass wiz card ki shortage hai kisi aur branch se pooch le… wtf !!

  7. Fahad Siddiqui says:

    AOA Mohsin, very nicely written, and much informative for anyone seeking info over the topic. Thanks buddy, and keep it up.

  8. R.A says:

    sell buy and exchange your electronic currency. liberty reserve :: webmoney :: alertpay :: moneybooker :: paypal :: now you can exchange into pkr and also can exchange with currency to currency >>>>>>> for more detail logon to my site. Fast and Instant services 🙂 you can check any time

  9. ali says:

    i want to transfer my domain from blogger to .com via google checkout and they i have to deposit money in checkout account …my question is if i get UBL wiz card will it work here bcoz i have my doubts. someone in previous chat said that it did not work on godady so i wanna confirm before getting a card ..please reply .thanks

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Ali unfortunately after Alertpay has released there own Visa Debit Card they are not accepting other cards.

  10. ali sultan says:

    hi, i am thinking about purchasing some cheap apps from the android market through my ubl wiz card, will it work there??? and secondly the apps i am looking to purchase are under a dollar so will i still be charged rs 300/transaction or is it just a one time charge?

  11. Badr ul islam says:

    Q:Bro i want to know that this card will work on hostgator or not becuz i want to create and account in hostgator?

    Q:What is this travelers card plz explain!

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Badr ul islam many users are saying that it some times work and some times not. I personally haven’t try it yet on HostGator.

      All three cards are same and the only difference is the amount of cash spend limit. Travelers card has $1000 daily limit, while Teen Card has $300 daily limit.

  12. Badr ul islam says:

    Help appreciated. 🙂

  13. Basharat says:

    how to transfer funds from liberty reserve to scb pakistan

  14. Mr Farhan says:

    AOA Mohsin Bhai .
    Bhai mai nai aap sai pochna thaa k Alertpay mai Deposit karwany k liye UBL ka WIZ Traveller Card Alertpay Accept krta hai k nhi. Ya UBL ka koi or Card.
    Bhai kindly Details mai bta dai. K Alertpay mai UBL k Credit Card k throw Deposit karviya ja skta hai k nhi. Agr wiz Traveller Card Alertpay Accept nhi krta to koi or Credit Card hai jiss k throw Alertpay mai Deposti Karvwiya ja skta hai to Kindly Bta diay with Fees Structure. THANKS.>>>>>

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Farhan Alertpay ne credit card ke zarey account verification band kar di hey. Ab aap ko Alertpay ka apna card magwana parey ga payment withdraw keyley.

  15. Farhan says:

    AOA Sir. Alertpay ka AlertPay PrePaid Debit Card kitny Days mai Activate ho jata hai .

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Foran hu jata hey. car miley key baad Alertpay account main login hun and apna card number enter kareen. Us key baad Pin code enter kareen card activate hu jata hey.

  16. Zohaib Khan says:

    AOA..Mohsin bhai sir agar alert pay ka account verified na ho to wo wasai work kerta hai ya verified kerwana zarori hai agar hai to verified kese kerwao..Cell phone code bhe dal diya but still wo conformation mang raha hai aur wiz card wahan istehmal bhe nahi horaha hai UBL ka account bhe bana howa hai mere magar wo ek normal account hai kya us se kaam chal sakta hai..? please reply..!

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You have not mention the way you want to send money i.e Bank Wire, Bank Transfer, Credit Card etc.

  17. Zohaib khan says:

    Asalam o Alaykum..
    Thank you for information…
    Sir can you please explain.
    kay jab hum alertpay card kay zariya payment withdrawal kerwain gay aur jab cash card main ajain gay to alert pay humain inform keray ga..?aur dosari baat ye hai ke hum ATM ke zariya apna remaining balance check kersakay gay agar kersaktay to tariqa batain please..!

  18. zain aftab says:

    Sir !! can i use my UBL Wiz Card to purchase Applications from Microsoft Marketplace for Windows Phone 7.5 ??

  19. zahid says:

    i want to make an account on android market. can i use this card with google checkouts.

    Using this card can google add money to my account (on sale of my android app).

    and what will be the charge on adding money to my account

    I have very limited knowledge of banks etc

  20. Abdul Aziz Baig says:

    Good morning sir,

    kya app btaskete hain ky agr hum ne aleartpay main add cash karna hoo who bhe visia card or master card kay zaree say to kya hum karskte hain. agr kar skte hain to plz us ka tareeqa bata deen.

    or agr hum ne visia card or master card say amount debitcard main transfer karna ho to kese kareen gee us kay leye bhe help chahee. i m waiting ur replay
    thanks and regard
    abdul aziz baig

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Aziz the process is very simple. When you have to deposit money into your Pazya account just go to the deposit menu and click on your Visa/Debit card for payment.

      You can only load amount into your Payza debit card from your Payza account so you first have to deposit money into your Payza account and than load money to Debit card.

  21. Nauman Muhammad says:

    Yes I withdrew my money in PayPal from my limited PayPal Account over 180 days to my WIZ Internet Card… Yahoo…!!! 😛

  22. Nauman Muhammad says:

    So I think now we can purchase anything from eBay using Wiz Card by PayPal Guest Checkout… 🙂 Mohsin Bhai please comment…

  23. waqas zaidi says:

    bhai mere liberty reserve mein kuch dollers hain aor mein online kam kr raha
    hai.mein un dollars ko ubl visa card k zarye withdraw krwa sakta hun?
    aor us k charges kia hun ge?please ans me as soon as possible

  24. waqas says:

    sir kya mein liberty reserve k amount UBL visa card k zriye niklwa sakta hun please help.thanks

  25. Mangroria says:

    Hi wanna know does ubl wiz internet card support balance transfer to payza,if not what other wayout thanks

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      No you cannot transfer balance. You need third party money exchangers to transfer money into Payza account.

  26. Shahroz says:

    Waheeb, Pls tell me bank wire k ilava how can i make deposit in Payza ! Can the funds be added through any credit card ?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Shahroz Payza often enable and disable credit card deposits so you have to see if it works for you or not.

  27. Fali says:

    Some days ago Payza started again Visa debit card for loading money .
    Please tell me, Can we use UBl wiz debit card for Payza loading?
    If yes then I will get it otherwise it has no use for me because I already have Allied bank issued VISA Debit Card.
    Thank you

  28. Arshia says:

    I have a digital scrapbook blog and i want to sale some kit .I am from Pakistan .you can guide me how sale online scrap-kits (which are in zip files )
    As salam u alikum

  29. usman says:

    hi sir main ap se ye pochna chata hon k aarzi use k liye 10$ ka visa card mil skta hai?

  30. Ahmad says:

    Salam Mohsin. I wanted to ask that if I use UBL Wiz card just to verify my identity and get free Adwords/Adcenter voucher or anything else similar where I’m not actually using the money, does it count as a transaction and cost me 300 rupees?
    One more thing, does the UBL Wiz card work on 2CheckOut? I want to sign up for it. Thank you.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      When ever you use card and enter your card number for verification it will count as transaction and you have to pay charges.

  31. Absar Hussain says:

    Dear brother,
    mai nay payza mai apna card add kia hay lakin wo validate nahin ho raha. pls help

  32. Badr says:

    Can i use this to load my payoneer MasterCard?

  33. Tariq says:

    Hello Mohsin brother, have you personally tried to pay over the internet through UBL Wiz Internet Card? If yes, was your transaction successful or declined? And how much fee was deducted from your card by that particular transaction?

  34. Assalam-O-Alaikum, Me janna cahta hn k UBL Wiz Card ko UBL Bank k ilawa kahin or se Reload kiya ja sakta hai?
    Online Recharge kia ja sakta hai?
    Ya agr kisi or Bank se money Transfer krni ho to ki ja sakti hai?

  35. Naeem says:

    Mohsin Bahi Salam
    can i withdraw through UBL Wizz from payza if yes how please tell me in detail and can i see all my transaction on internet of my UBL wizz card of e statement

  36. Ata Ur rehman says:


    Could i verify my paypal account through this card? I read somewhere that Payoneer is a good way to verified your account? I’ve also read a blog which is said that Payoneer has been block now in Pakistan.. Please guide me bro..

  37. sam says:

    Mohsin bhai can i verify my payza account with this UBl wiz?????

  38. Ghullam Murtaza says:

    Dear Mohsin,

    I need your suggestion regarding google adwords, actully i want to run my add but unfortunity i did not found any card that support google adwords, means i only use debit atm card that did not support adword.

    can you please let me know which debdit card support google adword to pay for add cast? If you have any knowledge about it kindly share it to me i will be very thankfull to you


  39. sam says:

    can i add funds to payza by this ubl wiz card? or can i add funds to neobux by wiz card through payza?

  40. Moin says:

    are uBL WAlled VISA use for International payments

  41. sam says:

    admin????? can i use ubl wiz card to add funds in payza account? or can i add funds to neobux through payza by this ubl card????

  42. Faisal Rajput says:

    Dear Friend…!!!

    Kiya UBL wiz card se payza k account ko verify kerwaya ja sakta hai… ?

  43. noman shahid says:

    I have a ubl Atm card how can i use it for online shoping please tell me.

  44. kashif bangash says:

    nice article

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