Have you ever wanted to upgrade drivers of your system hardware but haven’t find any good place. This is being the case for everyone now a days that internet is full of junk sites and we often don’t find what we want. Upgrading drivers is one of the main issue we have and to solve this problem Uniblue has made a solution for us named as Uniblue DriverScanner 2012 which will scan the drivers which are not updated and find the updated driver on internet for you and install it for you as well. This is really amazing software and now you don’t need to worry about your outdated hardware driver problem.
uniblue driver scanner 2012 free for 1 year
How does UniBlue DriverScanner 2012 Works?

As we all know that windows platform uses drivers for software’s in order to control hardware devices. Old drivers can be a cause of system crashes and errors which make your life full of headaches. The solution is to replace all outdated drivers to the latest one which are more authentic and error free.

Although drivers can be updated manually by going into the manufactures website and than finding the right driver for your hardware, identifying outdated or superseded drivers can take a long time and often result in no find. So Uniblue DriverScanner 2012 is built with simplicity in mind and makes driver updates fast and safe and everything can be done in a few easy clicks.

How to use UniBlue DriverScanner.

The basic purpose of creating this software is to keep user ease in mind and that’s why using this software is a piece of cake for everyone. Just download the software and install it, simply follow the guidelines described by the company. After installation run the software and scan for all updated drivers. It will than show the drivers which needs to be updated, with just one click of button all your hardware drivers will be automatically updated and you are all done.

How to Get UniBlue DriverScanner Free.

UniBlue is running a giveaway promotion for United Kingdom viewers in which they are giving-away licenses of UniBlue DriverScanner 2012 free for 1 year. For those who not lived in United Kingdom they can use proxy service in order to avail this offer. Licenses will be emailed to your email address and you have to download the software from Uniblue official website.

1. First of all open new browser window and open any United Kingdom proxy service like www.kingsurfproxy.com

2. Now copy and paste the URL http://mag.uniblue.com/computershopper/ds/index.html in the text box of the window and click surf button.

3. Now you should see a Uniblue DriverScanner 2012 Giveaway page with some instructions on it. Click on the button in order to continue.

4. Now fill in the form with your personal details and remember to put valid email address so that you receive email from Uniblue with free license key.

5. Don’t put all the information, just put necessary one and click on the button. Don’t close the last page until you receive your email from Uniblue.

Download Uniblue DriverScanner 2012