People generally blog when they feel they have some unique content to share with the world. But there is no point if the blog does not feature on search engines. Writing a blog is not hype anymore, with so many free blogging platforms available like WordPress and Blogger. If blogging is more than passion for you and you wish to make money out of it, then you need to deploy more methods than just word of mouth to generate traffic for your blog.
5 tips to make money blogging

1. SEO

One of the best and economical way to drive heavy amount of traffic to your site is SEO. It is advisable that every blogger should learn to employ art of SEO in their blogging site. SEO is a tool to help your site grab high ranking in the search engine pages. Creating links, using high ranking keywords, meta tags and unique title tags are some procedures to optimize your site. Using images with the blog post can also help, apart from making your site look good they also help in SEO. Often searches are done related to images, your blog can be listed in that.

2. Write for Readers.

When starting off, you need to keep this in your mind that you are writing for your readers and not for the search engines. Although the content is important for search engine optimization but fusing complicating keywords in the post will never benefit in the long run. Create a content that is both search engine and user friendly.

3. Target Audience.

As a blogger you should recognize your target audience and draw your attention to that particular niche. Sort out the keywords that rank high in that niche and use them in the content. Update your blog frequently to conserve your audience interest and loyalty.

4. Social Networking.

Creating a social presence is must, not only it gives popularity to your blog but it act as a platform to interact with your audience. Almost every social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, foursquare and Digg are free to sign up. Create a Facebook fan page to share the posts with all your friends or create a twitter account to interact with the like-minded people there. Facebook and twitter are the giants in social media; start with these two and with time you may advance to others as well.

5. Monetize Blog.

There are many ways to monetize your blogging site; services like Google adsense, affiliate marketing and direct marketing are few examples. Sign up for a Google adsense account, create and paste the adverts blocks on your site. Every time a user clicks on the ad, you will make money. Affiliate marketing is a program in which you promote a 3rd party product online. This is a massive tool to earn bucks online. Direct marketing lets you publicize ads on your site; unlike Google adsense this will give you the power to have a direct relation with advising agency.

As a blogger, it is important you devote quality time to nurture your website and its content before you expect to earn money from it.

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