Guest Blogging is the major weapon to get free traffic for your blog. Its results are very fast and it will benefit you both in short time and long term. When you post a Guest Blog on very high traffic website you get instant traffic from that website and that is the short benefit of that article. But the back-link you leave on that particular Guest post will benefit your blog SEO in long terms by getting respect from search engines. In this super fast world competition is getting tougher and tougher and its nearly impossible to rank for specific keywords in search engines so the way to get free targeted traffic for your blog is Guest Blogging.

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Mutual benefit.

One of the biggest advantage of Guest Blogging is its mutual benefit. When you post an article on other blog the owner of the blog has got one quality, unique and inspiring post for hie or her readers. It will add new flavor to there blog and hence more readers. On the other hand you will get two benefits. One is instant traffic because each Guest Post have author box at the end of it and in which you can enter all your personal and professional details so that when visitors read it they also want to visit your blog and hence traffic towards your website.

The second benefit you get from Guest posting is two high quality back-links which means more authority for your blog in the eyes of search engines. High Quality one way Back-links are very important for your blog SEO. Back-links not only used to increase your blog Page-Rank but are also good for getting from organic traffic from search engines.

Exposure as an Author.

Another great benefit of Guest Posting is that you will be recognize as potential author and hence you may get guest articles requests from various customers which means more profit. Also by doing this you make new contacts from other bloggers and internet marketers which means that you can also attract Guest blogger for your blog so that they post articles on your blog.

Adsense Revenue.

Gone are the days when you post Guest article and you will finish. Now lots of WordPress blogs are multi-author Adsense revenue sharing blogs which means that you can also earn money by displaying your Adsense ad unit on other popular blogs. Now imagine if you post an article on 10K Alexa rank blog and you configure your Adsense ad too than you will get instant money in the form of Adsense revenue.

Interaction with Readers.

All most all Guest posting enabled blogs require you to also reply to the comments posted on your article which is very beneficial for you. When readers post there comment and you answer to them it brings friendliness between both of you and if they inspire from you they will definitely visit your blog and also recommend it your there friends which means more targeted traffic.
Whom to write and how to write?
Now you may be wondering whom to write Guest posts and how to? One simple rule is that always post your article on the same niche blogs so that you get full value of your back-links as well as targeted traffic. You can easily find  blogs related to your blog niche by searching in Google or Bing.

We all know that blogging is all about you what you feel and how to express your feelings buy Guest blogging is some what different. You need to keep in mind the taste of blog readers where you are going to post your article. So try to create a post in which you blend mixture of readers taste as well as your own style of writing and your observations.