There are lots of reasons for you to choose Android based smartphone as compare to the Apple IOS, Nokia Meego or Microsoft Windows based mobile phone. But still Android is not the perfect OS for smartphones as one feel that it should have lots of more features or at-least the little bugs which are often known as Android Annoyances shouldn’t be there. But again you don’t have to worry about these little Annoyances as there are not many Android Annoyances and most of them are solved with the help of free applications.

How to Fix Top 10 Android Annoyances
1. Need Phone Silence At Night.

There are lots of free phone silent applications for Android, some of them block specific calls and some of them block all calls. Silentsleep is a free Android application which i think the first application every Android user should install. It has solution to all the problems related to your phone silence.

2. Stop Accidental Phone Calls.

The biggest problem in Android based touch screen smartphones is that you can call accidentally to unknown phone users which can be very irritating. The solution to this problem is very simple, just install Call Confirm free Applications and it will confirm every-time you make a call by displaying a pop up message box allowing you to cancel or go-thought to the call.

3. Problems sending and receiving text messages.

This is not a Android specific problem and can be with your cellphone or cellular network provide. But some times it can be caused by the applications you install in order to prevent your Android based smartphone to using too much battery like “task killer” specially if you use a third party text messaging application for sending out SMS. So its better to remove this application.

4. Need To Free Up Space Regularly.

In order to clean up your Android based smartphone cache and data you can use free application like ACCleaner which can remove cache and data in one by one step process. Also you can delete cache and data in bulk by using Clear all cached files button.

5. Clean Up Your Contacts.

This can be a problem for some users as they start using Android devices there contacts from Gmail are important into there phone which can be a mess. So for this you can manage all your contact in your Gmail account and delete unnecessary or contacts which are not in use for a long time.

6. Need To Monitor Your Space.

You need some professional software in order to monitor all your space in Android based phone. DiskUsage is a free application which will tell you which application is using how many space.

7. Can’t Remove Certain Applications.

It unfortunate that you can’t remove certain applications in Android based smartphone but what you can do is to root your phone which will allow you to remove even those applications. You can read this article on How To Root Your Android Phone With SuperOneClick.

8. Poor Battery Life.

Increasing battery life of your Android smart-device is not that easy as it sounds. You have to teak your device with a series of options and settings in order to reduce the power consumptions. You can also use a free application JuiceDefender which will set up some pre-configured options for you in order to save battery life.

9. Phone Occasionally Lags or Freezes.

Another very common problem in Android OS is that your phone may tend to freeze or heading back to the home screen. So install Zeam Launcher which is an attempt at creating a minimalistic and lightweight launcher alternative for Android devices.

10. Getting Access to the SD Card is Annoying.

Accessing SD card in some of the Android OS versions specially in Froyo is very annoying. Now you don’t need to connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable. Just install Doubletwist and it will syncs(via cable or wireless) your music, videos, pod-casts, and pictures back and forth from your phone.

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