You may have followed many traditional methods of marketing to increase your sales. Although they work, they may not work as well as some other methods. There are many unconventional methods that can be implemented to increase your sales. These strategies may seem awkward at first but the results will speak for themselves.

Unconventional Marketing Strategies
Direct Targeting

One great yet unconventional way of marketing is to do it directly. Fliers can be seen by many people irrespective of whether they need your services or not. It is time to direct your attention to those who need it. If you run a dog training school and you hear a dog barking non-stop on your way to work, leave a flier on their doorstep or car. This gets your information across to who needs it.

Enter Competitions

One great way to get a lot of recognition is to enter competitions. People will want to work with businesses that have been recognized for their efforts. The best way to do so is to win a competition; big or small. It does not matter if you get a mediocre certificate or a big novelty check, ensure that you take part in the competition and possibly win.

Show off your Product

One great way to show how well your product works is to show it to people firsthand. If you plan to sell a new brand of washing powder, give a public demonstration on how well it works. Compare it to other brands. However, do not show the name and design of the other brands.

Give some Bags away

With the population crisis as it is, many consumers have shifted onto reusable bags. The problem is that the bags are expensive to initially buy. Some schemes have been developed where they are given in exchange for many plastic bags. Try giving away reusable bags with your name on it. This is a great way to increase sales.

A Hungry Survey

If there is one thing that consumers love is a free gift. Perhaps, you require feedback about your latest candy bar and people are unwilling to give it. This is where food surveys come in handy. Hold a survey where you will give people your candy bar just to get a response. Give a person a candy bar, ask them to eat it and then tell you about it (current taste and further improvements).

This will get you instant feedback and an honest on-the-spot opinion about your candy bar. This firsthand knowledge is an ideal way to improve your candy bar’s quality. In addition, if new consumers like it, they will buy your candy bar.

There are numerous ways of increasing your sales both conventional and unconventional. Both work well where as some may work better.

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