10 Most Common SEO Mistakes

SEO is the best medicine for bloggers who are struggling in blogosphere. There are basically two types of Search Engine Optimization On page SEO Techniques and Off page SEO techniques. Both are necessary and you must not forget that doing these techniques wrong can do the damage to your blog’s reputation. Little things like choosing right keywords, density of keywords, linking to spam blogs or any other major SEO factor if used correctly can make a difference for you website. One thing i mention here is that don’t focus on any one technique so much that it look artificial.

10 Most Common SEO Mistakes
1. Strategic Ranking.
Its the fact that every search engines is always looking for fresh and unique content on the and that’s why blog are getting more and more popular day by day. If you publish fresh content frequently on your blog than you may get results faster than any other content management system. So if you want to attract search engines than be regular and publish content that is not out dated.

2. New Posts often Rank worse than Older posts.

If you are going to write a new post on your blog which is already published on your blog than its better to update the older post rather than writing a new post. Often its has been noticed that older posts perform better in search results rather than newer ones.

3. Poor keywords Selection and Density.

You write a quality post but have not use or selected proper keywords in it then this is not going to help your cause. try to use important keywords in all your post and often use bold and italic tags to highlights the keywords. Keyword density is also very important and one should not use too many keywords in a single post.

4. Tag pages might outrank your posts.

Many people use tag cloud in there blog theme which may be good for readers but eventually these tag pages are outranking your original posts in search results which is not a good idea. Also tag pages contain duplicate content and search engine hate duplicate content.

5. Highlight your Best Posts.

One of the main disadvantages of blogs is that if you have written a blog post some months ago than it will not be visible to your newer visitors unless you highlight your blog’s best posts. Use popular posts, random posts and all time best posts plugins in your blog to highlight best posts.

6. Strategic Linking.

Building links via Guest posting, article marketing and commenting is good but relevancy is more important than the amount of links. Links from same niche, high page rank and do-follow websites count and that what you should be looking for all the time. Don’t use same anchor text in all your links and try to create different inbound links.

7. Broken links break your SEO.

Many times is the case that we share a link with our readers and after some time the link is out dated or delete by the website owner. The problem is that your old posts are still pointing towards broken link which is not good at all. So regularly check for broken links in your blog via Google Webmasters tools or by installing a plugin like Broken Link checker for WordPress.

8. Content Strategy.

Producing lots of posts daily and making your blog full of junk is not the right idea unless you run a news blog. many people believe that you should post 2 or 3 posts daily but in my view one should target only 20 quality posts in one month. If your posts are not getting comments or traffic try to update these posts rather than putting more useless posts.

9. Link to other sites as well.

Only automated blogs will not link to other sites and if you are not linking to other blogs frequently than Google search engine may treat your blog as spam so its better to link high quality websites in your blog posts.

10. Images rank far easier than postings.

We all pay specially attention to our posts rather than images but let me tell you that images rank very easily than posting. Many people copy images from other websites and publish image within there articles with image credit to the website. That’s a good idea so why not cash-in it. Create your own image using some Photoshop skills so that other blog owners use your image and give credit to your blog.

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  1. Ammar @ Free Premium Themes says:

    Very nice post. But I don’t know why my latest blog posts are not indexed by Search Engine? Do you know why???

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Ammar some times Google takes 3 to 4 days to index your blog URL’s. Make sure you have install and activate Auto Sitemap Submitter in your WordPress blog.

  2. Amit says:

    Yes Mohsin All Point is Matters during SEO time. We should concentrate on all points if we want a good PR. its will really helpful for PR. Thanks for sharing the excellent points Mohsin.

  3. Becca says:

    The ideas you’ve shared here are fantastic and no doubt so great that may improve our seo
    skills and knowledge.
    thanks for sharing!

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Becca if you are desperate and blogging is your passion than no body will be able to stop from achieving success.

  4. Ahsan says:

    A new blogger finds difficult to rank higher in SEO position. I think at this patience is very important for new bloggers & if they follow these basic tips they can improve success rate in SEO & PR

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Ahsan I have noticed that many newbie bloggers are giving too much time getting traffic from Facebook which is good in short term but for long term you have to target search engine traffic.

  5. Ramnadh says:

    Broken link checker is worth installing. Thanks for all other stuffs. If we take care about seo from first day of blogging he should success in blogging in much faster way.

  6. Paul Salmon says:

    I use a broken link checker on occasion. I have a WordPress plugin that does it for me, but I find that it can slow my blog down so I only enable it once in a while.

    For me, highlighting my posts is good, but I use a related posts plugin that will automatically select and display links to posts at the end of each post. This makes it much easier to automatically establish a deep-linking system and perhaps drive traffic to other posts on my blog.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Paul that’s why i mention in the post that after checking for broken links deactivate the plugin because its taking too many server resources.

  7. Kuldeep @ Cool Tricks says:

    Yes, Mohsin I agree with your views and points. These are some Common Mistakes that should be avoided by bloggers.

  8. Martin @ LA SEO_Expert says:

    These are actually the most common mistakes !! Thanks for sharing !! Cheers

  9. Nathan says:

    Great list Mohsin! I just wanted to add that I find that keeping up with your progress in the search engines becomes really easy if you use the right seo tool. I am pleased with rankranger and thought this might interest you

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