With mobile phone devices and the Internet, there are not many things to hide in the world today. Many people know already that iPhone can actually track and record their location without their knowledge or consent. But, location tracking might not exactly seem to be such a big deal, until you consider that if apps have the ability to track your location.

The iPhone records every detail whether or not the user agrees to being tracked, and Apple has never disclosed whether the functionality can be disabled or not. Many websites and security authorities claim that there’s nothing at all one can safely commit to concerning the Apple iPhone tracking feature upon their 3G smartphones. However, a widely known “jailbreak” development company said, “There’s an application for that in fact.” Jailbreaking is really a quick and easy application these days that can be performed by anyone.

Disabling Iphone's Tracking Feature

Once you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, smart Cydia app can disable this automatic recording of location, time, and data. The application named untrackerd will come in Cydia. Look for untrackerd in Cydia and set up this particular application. No new icons are added together on your display. Untrackerd works entirely within the setting, so there’s nothing you should do after setting up.

Here’s the way to disable the Iphone’s Tracking Feature – A step by step guide:

1. Touch the “Settings” icon that came from the main display of your iPhone

2. Click on “General” below the “Settings” tab

3. Search for “Locations Services” and move the on/off switch to “Off”. All of the services currently trying the GPS feature of your mobile phone are cited here in the lower panel of the display.

4. Save your recent configuration and go on to the 2nd methods to confirm total disabling.

5. Inside the “General” section of “Settings,” Click on “Restrictions”

If you’ve locate a passcode on your iPhone security settings, you’ll need to enter it now.

6. When the passcode is got into, click on “Location Settings”

7. Move the on/off switch to “Off” and save the new configuration

Making the location tracking disabled, all applications that track a device’s location will also be disabled and while you will face any difficulty having untrusted source tracking your location. We all live in a society where it’s always safer to be secured than pathetic with regards to our small goals. Regardless of how “your love ones” they may be in the future!

I hope you find this information valuable. Let us identify your highly recommended disabling feature? Share your Iphone’s tracking feature options through comments.