I know all of you want to rank your webpages in Google’s first page but not all of you have success. If you are one of those who believe in keyword stuffing let me tell you that its not working any more but don’t take my words negatively as using keywords in your posts is not a bad thing. All you have to do is to write normally without even care about the keywords density etc. Remember search engines are bots not humans, they are pre-programmed and if you don’t do any thing slily there is no reason that one day you will dominate the Google. Here are few tips which will surly help you rank better in search engine giant Google.

5 Simple Tips To Dominate Google

1. Understand Your Niche.

The number one reason most bloggers do keyword stuffing in their posts is that they lack information about the topic in which they are blogging and the only thing they do is to fill posts with 400 or 500 words. When you have no information or very less information about your topic you naturally fill your blog posts with lots of keywords which eventually triggers spam filter in Google.

So its very important before starting your blog is that you choose a niche in which you have total command and full interest. You have to write posts knowing the mentality of your blog readers what they want to read and what you can offer to them.

2. Pick Readable Keywords.

You might be wondering what the hell are Readable Keywords and unreadable keywords. What do you think about “make business money home” keyword may be it got potential to rank higher in search engines but it looks really unnatural for both humans and search engine bots.

Many of you just search keywords which have low competition from Google Keywords Tool and start using them in your posts but don’t ever use them in your posts as these keywords may get you some traffic initially but in long term its not beneficial for your blog.

3. Build a People-Optimized Blog.

When i started my blog i customize it the way i like it from themes to plugins but soon i realize that my blog visitors don’t agree with me and they are leaving my blog too early. This is the point that its not matter which you like but its the matter of what your blog visitors want and like.

Choose a very nice, clean and simply blog theme and try to avoid too many color combinations. Try to increase your blog font size in order to increase the blog readability and hence decrease bounce rate.

4. Give Direction.

All of us want to rank our posts legally and the best way to do this is to to tell search engines what your blog is all about. Always use most important keyword of your blog in your posts and build a strong content around. You need to create cornerstone content which will explain visitors how to do specific things well.

The size of your blog posts matter to search engines and if your posts are just 400 to 500 words than they will understand that you are hiding some useful information from your readers. On the other hand if your posts range from 500 to 5000 words than one can understand that you have full authority on particular topic and you are willing to pass on your knowledge.

5. Optimize Your Post Images.

As you may already know that one of the easiest way to rank first on google is via images. Always use title, alt and description tags in your image. Try to create your own images so that when ever someone finds your image and want to use it on his or her blog they give credit to your blog.

Many new bloggers try to copy paste images from other blogs without giving credit, they don’t know that tomorrow same thing will happen to them and people will steal your images without crediting you. So why not be fair and credit everybody so that they credit us in return.