The internet has become an essential part of the modern era. However, there are still quite a large number of people that are deprived of high speed internet. When almost everyone has connected with the global village, there are still many that have been left in the dark. However, Comcast’s Internet Essentials is here to take them out of the dark. Despite all the advancements that man has made, literacy is still a big problem. Thanks to the efforts of many people and various organizations, the literacy rate has gone up. This is partly due to the advancements that have been made to enhance the online experience.

Internet users now have the world at their fingertips. There would not be anything realistic that you would search for and not get a result. However, if people do not have the money to pay for an internet connection or even a computer, they are left out.

Comcast is part of the huge network of telephone, cable television, internet and mobile internet providers in America. In fact, it is one of the largest in America. Comcast is known for providing high quality and affordable internet packages. Millions of users sign up for one their many Comcast deals and stay happy for years.

In recent news, Comcast partnered with the FCC to create an internet plan unlike any other. Comcast deals now include Comcast Internet Essentials. It is a monthly broadband package that is aimed at providing cheap high speed internet to the poorest families in America. Furthermore, the plan includes the offering of $150 computers as well.

As digital literacy is expanding, so are the opportunities for learning. It does make sense that a faster internet connection is needed to learn more efficiently. If Comcast wants to educate the uneducated through digital literacy, it makes sense to give them high speed internet at a lower price.

It is natural for people to think that this is unjustified to those who are buying the same internet at a higher price. However, Internet Essentials is aimed at promoting learning rather than using Facebook for hours.

Six months after the launch date, the plan has been so huge a success that Comcast is now making the deal even better. The changes listed below are being made in order to either enhance the service that is received or make Internet Essentials available to a lot more people. These expansions include:

1.       Comcast is reducing the eligibility criteria; a move that will allow Internet Essentials to be available to 300,000 more people. When the program was launched, those who received free school lunches from the NSLP were eligible.

Now, those who are eligible to receive school lunches are reduced prices will now be eligible to the program

2.       They are increasing the speed of the internet connection that comes with the plan giving current users a download speed of 3Mbps and an upload speed of 768 Kbps. The best part is that current users will not have to pay anything extra for this

3.       Comcast is also partnering with an initiative known as “connect to compete” in hopes of reducing the cost of buying a computer, enhancing the quality and content of digital earning materials and extend the core services of Comcast to areas where their internet connection is not provided

4.       Community-based partners are now allowed to buy Internet Essentials as bulk in order to enable a more customer friendly experience and improve eligibility

5.       The approval process will be further simplified and made better by introducing an instant variant of the approval process

It seems that Comcast not only has a green thumb but it has an extremely large heart. Providing affordable internet in order to improve literacy is a great idea. What’s more is that recent reports released by Comcast show that digital literacy has increased and that their Internet Essentials plan is helping many student and families learn and grow.

Only the future will tell what will happen. The initial program showed signs of promised and delivered beyond expectations. Based on that fact, these five improvements should help to drastically improve the effectiveness of the program. It seems that as digital literacy soars, Comcast will keep enhancing the deal.