It might look silly but its a fact that if you over optimize your blog for search engines than some times they might penalize your website for this. As we all know that Google is updating its algorithms all the time and specially after Google Panda Update many bloggers have seen up and down in their blogs organic traffic and that is because they do SEO techniques very quickly which looks artificial in the eyes of search engines. Many bloggers think that after reading some SEO articles or if they have a good writing skills than they are good SEO expert. Keep in mind that after learning some basic skills of SEO you are not going to rock the world unless you are willing to learn more with time.

SEO Over Optimization

What is Over Optimization Penalty in SEO.

There are good and bad ways in each and every form of our life and same is the case in SEO where mainly two techniques are applied by webmasters known as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Forget about Black Hat SEO as Google will easily detect this technique and ban your blog in search engines but what about White Hat SEO which is a legal thing to do. Its not mean that it is legal that’s why you over do White Hat SEO techniques like creating too many back-links in a very short period of time and thing like that. This term is also referred as Over Optimization Penalty in Search Engine Optimization.

When Over Optimization Penalty Apply?

There are over 200 factors which determine whether your blog is a genuine blog or spreading spam on internet. Basically two types of optimization done by bloggers one is On Page SEO Techniques and other is Off Page SEO Techniques. Most of the time penalty is being imposed by wrong On Page SEO tactics.

KeyWord Density.

One of the main reasons why your blog is penalized is that you are using too many keywords over and over again in your articles. Some gurus says that keywords density should not cross more than 2-5% of your article words but it gets alarming when it crossed the figure of 8% so try to decease keyword density in your articles. Some of you might be wondering how can we calculate the keyword density in articles well i have already published an article which will help you solve your problem.


Back-link Over Optimization Penalty or BLOOP is the very common tactic which causing your blog to be penalized by search engines. You may be wondering that back-links are good for blogs but what if all your back-links have same anchor keyword than it must be artificial not natural because in real life its not necessary that one article is liked by all your readers. Also if all your links are pointed towards the main URL of your blog than its also not helpful for you. Try to create as many deep links as possible with different anchor words.

Too many H1 tags.

If you are using H1 tags for more than 1 heading than you are inviting search engines to ban your blog. Almost all SEO gurus suggest that there should only be one heading in your article with H1 tag. All other headings should be tagged with H2 and H3 tags.

Doorway pages.

Using Doorway pages is also not recommended by search engines. Doorway pages are those pages or articles which have no proper access page or navigation. If you have an article than your blog visitor must be able to find it via some kind of navigation link. Doorpages are often create in order to dodge search engines so that when a visitor arrive on this page he or she will not find a way to browse your site and hence leave the site via your affiliate or advertisements link.

Repeating Keywords in all Headings.

If your blog article Title, Heading, Description, image name, image alt attribute and even the bold text in the article are all same than its also treated as keyword spamming. You must try different combinations of these keywords and try write naturally as much as possible.

How to Recover from Over Optimization Penalty?

If you have being caught doing some over optimization tricks like mention above than the first thing you have to do is to remove all these tricks and be fair. If you have been involved in Keyword stuffing or link selling than immediately remove these as quickly as possible. Make sure you have only one H1 heading and no Doorway pages in your blog. Try to update your old articles and promote articles with very less comments. After you have done all the thing right than submit your blog for reconsideration in Google via this link.

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