Before Google plus was introduced last year Facebook and Twitter was the main source of getting free traffic from social media but Google has put its social networking media site face to face with these two giants. The biggest advantage Google+ has over other two is the search engine recommendation which is really going to change the way we use social media. Now you can take advantage of Google+ and take your blog to the next level. But for this make sure that blog is Google Plus friendly other wise you may be losing lots of free traffic.

google plus with wordpress logo
Seomoz has conducted a recent survey in which they have examined that Google+ is very much influencing the search results which means that if you are not ready to it you are losing precious traffic. Its not difficult at all to customize your WordPress blog and make it Google Plus friendly. All you have to do is to install some plugins mention below and activate them.

1. Google Plus Widget for WordPress.

Your blog readers definitely want to know you and remain in touch with you. Google Plus Widget for WordPress allows you to display Google+ profile badge with your photo along with +1 button. This plugin simply connect to your Google Plus profile and displays the No of followers you have with there images. It makes your blog visitor life much more easier and they can with only a single touch of a button add you as a friend.

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2. Google+ WordPress Widget.

This plugin is similar to the one Twitter tweet box for websites which shows the latest tweets instead this plugin shows the latest post. You can add multiple Google + accounts and it will show the latest posts. You can very easily increase or decrease the number of posts displayed and your blog visitors can remain updated from Google Buzz too.

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3. Google Cards Plugin.

Another great WordPress plugin to show Google Plus widget links to your Plus profile. It will also shoes the number of followers and best thing about this plugin is that it will cache all the Plus profile data and hence it will reduce the loading time of your blog. But for caching you need to make sure that your blog’s wp-content directory is writable other wise it will load the data directory from your profile.

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4. WordPress Plus One – Advanced.

After displaying the Plus widget in the sidebar now its time to include the Google+ button into each and every post so that your blog readers can easily +1 your posts, pages and attachments. The best thing i like is that it has lots of design and layout option to match it with your website theme. It has also many customization options like size, enable/disable the +1 button and different layouts.

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5. WordPress PlusOne this.

Yet another simple WordPress plugin to automatically add the +1 button to all your posts. You don’t need to do anything extra just activate it and it will add Google plus one at the top right side of all your posts.

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6. Scriptrr Google Profile Plus widget.

You may be familiar with the Plus scriptrr website which is used to create Google plus profile widget online. If not than don’t worry than have now introduced the plugin which will do all the stuff for you automatically.

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