Every blogger wants to create an impressive and high quality content rich blog but its not necessary that all your readers like all your content. Some times readers want to read some thing new and interesting and the solution for this problem is guest posting. I am sure you have done hard work building your blog reputation but you have to find the answer to this question that does your blog ready for guest posts. If you are not getting Guest posts than there is some thing wrong in your blog and you have to find the problem and correct it as soon as possible.

friendly guest posting
There are so many benefits of Guest posts like it will bring new and fresh ideas to your blog. You can emphasis on other areas like SEO while other will publish content on your blog. You will create new friends and hence more exposure to your blog. Here are few tips which will make your blog guest post friendly.

1. Create Write for us page.

When we all start our new blog we carelessly create contact us page which has only email contact option. But if you are going to start guest posting on your blog than you have to create a professional Write for us page which should contain following things.

1. Traffic details of your blog.
2. Blog Page Rank
3. Detail of how many Do-follow links you are going to give.
4. Email Address.
5. Contributor Registration link(if necessary).
6. Terms and Conditions of Guest post.
7. Define Words limit.
8. Social media promotion rules.

2. Use Professional Theme.

Its a fact that no body wants to share his or her views on a blog which is poor in design. A professional blog design attract guest writers and readers too. If you cannot afford to buy premium theme than try to use simple and clean free theme which look like a professional theme.

3. Define Soft Rules.

I have seen many blogs which have so many rules that its seems impossible to post a guest post on them. Try to be as soft as you can. Sometimes you have to compromise on your rules if a guest post writer is posting a very high quality post of more than 1000 words than he or she will ask for one link within article. Always respond quickly to the email you receive from writers and be as polite as you can.

4. Specific Blog Niche.

It has been seen over the years that specific niche based blog do well in search engines rather than a general blog. Many guest post writers prefer a single niche blog to submit posts so its very important that your blog is not widely diversify when it comes to topics.

5. Enable Guest author page.

WordPress has this beautiful feature which allows you to create a separate guest author page which shows all the posts publish by the guest author. Sometimes this feature is disabled by default so make sure that this feature is enables in your blog.

6. Higher Page Rank.

Its a fact that no body will submit his or her posts on low page rank websites as everybody want maximum return. If your blog traffic is good but your blog’s page rank is 0 or 1 than very few people will submit posts. So try to increase your blog page rank by creating one way backlinks from high quality websites. You can read my article on How to build backlinks for your blog.