You can develop the new supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) project by using the below given steps. You will be able to save time and can also achieve better results by using the methods. Designing of the new project and creation of the tags database are the first two steps of the process and you can use the guidelines which will help you to undertake them in lesser time period. You will be able to provide the right direction to your project by using the tips.

supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)


The different platforms can have different licensing for SCADA packages. For example one can be for windows embedded and the other one can be for windows. Hence choosing the platform is important. The windows embedded programs can also have restrictions. Your chosen platform must provide for the features that are required by you.


The resolution of the device in which the application is going to be deployed can be the resolution which you can create. You must also take into notice the other different platforms that might be used by other different devices of hardware. While creating the applications you can consider different kinds of resolutions like templates and demos. The resolution of 1280 by 800 can cover many of the devices that are available in the marketplace.

Changing the platform or resolution:

You should use the SCADA software which allows you to alter the resolution or platform and which keeps the cost and efforts involved to their minimum. With only the click of the mouse you can change the resolution in some programs. This resolution can be converted in the project as well.

Features to enable or disable:

The project settings, such as the web, viewer or communication can be reviewed. You can include some features, such as the feature of disable palm rejection that can be found in the touchscreen devices having windows 7. You can make the screen more responsive by disabling it. You can also consider hiding the cursor or can consider activation of the virtual keyword.

Defining the driver and OPC option:

In order to send the right values to the controller or PLC you must ensure that you have chosen the right option for the application. The options like ”send every state”, ”send the last state” must be provided by the browser. These can be the default settings and have the meaning that all the commands will get buffered and then will be written to the PLC.

Choosing the option of ”send the last state”:

The buffer state can exceed quickly if the application writes and changes the tags in a quick manner. The last current value is sent by the ”send the last state option” and no information buffering takes place.

Tags database:

You can choose software that can offer you classes and arrays that can help in avoiding the creation of tags manually.

Working of arrays and classes:

The arrays can give you the option of using of single lines in order to create the duplicated tags. You can also have many parametric properties from a specific device which you are trying to encapsulate. In these situations classes can be created which will help in encapsulating the properties of each parameter. The class is not a tag but a template for tag.

You can plan ahead and use the steps in a correct manner in order to save time and money. The SCADA system can be automatic once it has been properly set by you.