Facebook the mighty social networking website with over 900 million users across the globe has no doubt makes our beautiful world global village. Its really the 8th wonder of the world and the best part is that its totally free of cost. Facebook from time to time makes changes to maintain the quality standard so that its users will never bore with same user interface and that’s why they introduced Facebook Timeline feature and Profile Covers photos. This feature allows all users to display one main picture which will represent your personality but if you choose or create a stunning picture than it will WoW your friends.

How to Create Stunning Facebook Timeline Profile and Cover Photos

What is Facebook Timeline.

Facebook Timeline basically a new user profile page which merges all your pictures, profile activities, wall posts and pages on one giant wall. Facebook Timeline is actually a story of your life recorded by Facebook over the years and now everyone can see your story on your profile(of course you can hide it as well). Timeline is much like a visual blog as all the entries are merged with your images and text. Facebook forces its users to adopt this feature means that if you enable this feature than you cannot undo it whether you like it or not.

How can I get Facebook Timeline?

No rocket science involve when it comes to activate timeline feature in your profile. All you have to do is to visit this Facebook page and click on green GetTimeline button. After that your timeline feature will be instantly activated. But again before activating timeline make sure you understand all the feature and you have a stunning cool timeline cover to display. If you don’t have any than there is no need to worry about. Today i will tell you how you can create a cool profile cover for your Facebook timeline.

How to Create Stunning Facebook Timeline Cover.

You can display any 850*315 size image on your main timeline cover but this is the first part seen by each and every friend of yours so if you display ordinary picture here than your friends will not be impressed by you. Here are few steps to follow.

1. First of all you need a 850*315 size picture which you want to convert into a cool cover. It can be of any format like JPG, Gif or PNG etc.

2. Now go to TrickedOutTimeline.com and click on star here button.

3. This website has basically four different formats to choose Merge profile and Cover Photo, Missing JigSaw Piece, Tear Off the Bottom Edge and Profile Picture Zoom. Just click on any format you like.

4. Now you will be redirected to the picture upload page. Click on browse button and upload your image to the website.

5. Next thing you have to do is to adjust the marker if you image is bigger than the 850*315 size otherwise just click Done button to create the effect.

6. Now in order to download the picture you have to like the Facebook page of TrickedOutTimeline.com and after that page will be unlocked and you can download the profile picture and profile cover.

7. Just upload these two photos to your Facebook account and set than as profile picture and profile cover and see the stunning effect.