As you already know that Godaddy releases special coupon codes for Domains every month and we time to time update you with these coupon codes. Godaddy is no doubt one of the top domain registrars in the world and buying domain from them at this cheap rate is a dream for bloggers. Some months ago they were giving away domain names at only $1 but now they are increasing rates so its better to register as many domains as possible and sell them at higher price after some time. For this trick to work you have to search high CPC keyword domain and register it as soon as possible.

Godaddy 2.49 Coupon Code

When ever some one wants to buy this domain from you he or she will contact you and you can then tell them the price at which you want to sell the domain. But you can only register one domain from one coupon code with one Credit card which means you have to wait for another coupon code deal. But you don’t have to worry about when the new code will be available because you let you know via email. So Subscribe to our email list by giving your email in the box above and remain update for all coupon codes.

How to Register Domain via Godaddy Promo code.

To use promo code first you have to create free account on Godaddy and verify it via your email address. Give proper address which you want to use for your domains or web-hosting. Now open a new tab or window and browser Godaddy website. Find one of your desired domain name which is of course available and than carry on with the registration process. Before checking out at the final step you will see a Enter promo or Source Code link right at the top of the Checkout button and enter the coupon code given below. Now click on Apply button and if this code is still valid than you may be successfully registered the domain name.

Godaddy Coupon Code usage Terms and Conditions:

  • Of course you can only register one domain from one coupon code at a time.
  • Only Credit Card holders can avail this promotion. If you have PayPal account than you cannot use this coupon code.
  • You can register one domain with one credit card means if you have more than one credit card than you can register more than one domain.
  • This exclusive price is only for the first year registration only. After that you have to pay full $15 price for 2nd year.
  • Only 10,000 domains are available and this coupon code is valid for only April 30, 2012.
  • You cannot use this coupon code for domain renewals, domain transfers, bulk domain registrations, premium domains etc.