Free License Keys of Avast Internet Security 7

Avast the world best free antivirus software is now giving-away free license keys of Avast Internet Security 7 to all its customers. This is not the first time that Avast is giving away free keys to everybody as we have already shared a promo of Avast Internet Security 2011 Free License Key with you. Avast Internet Security 7 is the new and state of the art antivirus software released recently by Avast and its already shook the world. The built-in features it allow have never being seen before that’s why critics are saying that this is the future of antivirus software’s and other companies are already started to work on there new products to match the quality of this magic.

Avast Internet Security 7

Avast Internet Security 7 Features.

  • The best part i like most about internet security suits is that they are a mixture of many software’s and hence you don’t have to purchase these software separately like antivirus, anti-spyware, male-ware, anti-spam, and firewall protection all at one place.
  • Gone are the days when you were afraid of using credit cards online due to lots of fraud activities. Avast has this very unique feature called SafeZone which builds a separate windows on run-time only for you so that if someone tries to steal your card info he or she will not be able to steal your data and you enjoy shopping online with no worries.
  • Its really not possible to safeguard you when you are working on your computer without any real protection. For this Avast uses Sandbox technology which creates av virtual environment for you so that you will cut-off with your computer and hacker will never be able to understand your system location. This technique is so unique and effective that lots of other companies are also tries to use this in their software’s.
  • In virus protection world time is the critical thing and if your antivirus software is not able to protect you on time than its a piece of junk for you. Avast Hybrid cloud technology makes sure that your system will remain up-to date all the time with cloud database of Avast community so that you will never come face to face with dirty boys.
  • There are lots of benefits of Cloud based technology like if you are sharing a file with others than he or she will get the status of file even before it reaches him or her. That is the power of artificial intelligence which you and your precious data is 99.9% safe.
  • Firewall is the key factor of any internet security suite and Avast Internet Security 7 has a ultra secure firewall that not only blocks hackers but filters all other unauthorized data and phishing attacks for safer web experience.
  • When you buy a software from Avast they will make your online account so that you can keep updated with your account history. Not only this they will add the infected websites in the banned list so that you stay away from those websites.
  • What else you want after all these superb benefits but Avast is not yet satisfied. They will give you added benefit of Remote assistance and customer support after sales so that if some how you fell into some trouble they will instantly put you out from that mishap.

Free License Keys of Avast Internet Security 7.

Avast has organized a contest in which they will give free license keys of Avast Internet Security 7 to the top 77 members of their Facebook Fan Club who will install Avast Antivirus and answer the simple question. Here are the contest rules.

1.  This promotion will remain open till April 03, 2012 and winners will be announced by May 10, 2012.

2.  Top active participant will spent 7 days and 7 nights to his or her own desire destination.

3.  Next 77 participants will be awarded with Avast Internet Security 7 free license keys.

4.  Install Avast Antivirus from the link given at this Avast promo page and click the Enter button at the bottom of the page.

5.  All you need to provide is your personal details and answer a simple question.

6.  The top prize is for two members so share this promo with your friends so that they can also win prize.

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