Air Playit is a video streaming software by Digiarty Software, Inc for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android Operating System Devices and iPod touch. While the biggest issue came when we are watching video on portable devices is different video formats and we have to convert them in order to watch on particular device. But the biggest advantage of Air Playit software is that it can handle more than 320 Audio and Video formats. It works very smartly via your portable device WI-FI and 3G/4G technology. When you install this software on your device it actually performs as video cloud server so that you can easily see movies on other portable device near by you.

Air Playit - Streaming Video
Main Features of Air Playit.

  • Have you ever thought watching any format movie on your iPhone and iPad without even converting it and that to wirelessly. This amazing software will let you convert videos on the go which means you don’t have to convert videos in order to make it compatible for your iPhone or iPad. You can even watch encrypted videos instantly without any conversion.
  • Another big problem occurs when you are watching videos on network and that is when you are not connected to the network means offline. So how can you watch your favorite movies when you are offline. Well no problem, Air Playit not only convert videos but also download and store it on your portable devices so that you can watch it when you are offline.
  • The best feature i like about Air Playit is its ability to stream videos over the network via Wi-FI and 3G/4G. You even don’t have to mention the server thanks to Bonjour Service which automatically detects and connect your device to the server.
  • Air Playit gives you the power to download videos without synchronization on your favorite mobile gadgets. It has a Download Library which will store all downloads and you can take benefit of this data and watch videos lately offline.
  • It let you access your stored media on your computer and Apple Macintosh via your mobile web browser through HTTP server for effortless and smooth connection.
  • Apple TV the revolution in internet TV is also supported by this software which means that you can very easily stream videos from your iPhone and iPad to your HD TV. You can even adjust the settings and output video quality in order to adjust the video according to your TV.
  • This technology by Air Playit is not only applicable for existing gadgets but for future gadgets too which means that its worth to invest in it(By the way its 100% free).
  • The latest in technologies right now is CUDA technology which enables this software to perform at the highest level with CUDA-enabled GPU hardware.

Last but not least it is perfectly compatible with both Top operating system of this universe Windows and Apple MAC. Also its absolutely free of cost which means no hurdles between you and this amazing software. So what are you waiting for Download this free software now and watch your favorite movies wireless without even converting them.


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