Windows 8 the new operating system from Microsoft has not yet been released but Windows 8 Consumer Preview version released at the start of this year and will surly going to rock the world in the next upcoming months. Its amazing that after releasing just month ago its themes are already available and you can download from official Microsoft website. The best part and new feature introduced by Microsoft i like most about these themes is panoramic view of these themes. What panoramic themes will do is to expand the theme across your multiple monitors and it really looks awesome.

Panoramic Windows 8 Themes

Features of Windows 8 Themes:

  • Windows 8 themes are fully customized for touch screen devices and support swipe, slide, and zoom functions. Its feel like a natural moment and no artificial Technology here.
  • Fully Panoramic and support of multiple monitors. Also have multi touch support.
  • Can be adaptive and automatically adjust its settings according to your portable devices.
  • Specially designed for Windows 8 Consumer preview version only.
  • Have the option of automatically change themes, colors, wallpapers and Aero style after a specie period of time.
  • Same resolution, settings and wallpapers on both displays but it will stretch the theme to make it beautiful.

Download Windows 8 Metro Style Wallpapers Pack

Nightfall and Starlight panoramic theme:

Nightfall and Starlight panoramic themes are beautiful stunning windows 8 consumer preview themes created in such a way to spread across all your monitors for a perfect blend. The resolution will become same on both monitors and glass Aero color will also be the same. You will find new galaxies, mountains and deep seas and you don;t even need to have connected to your internet.

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This theme as i said earlier is only compatible with Windows 8 Consumer preview and displays perfect match on your dual monitors. It can also be install on a single monitor platform but in this case your centralized part of the theme will be displayed.