VideoLAN company has released a new version of VLC Media Player 2.0.1 which is ready for people to download from VLC official website. I know that VideoLAN company is only popular for its VLC media player but they are also working on some other projects like VideoLAN Movie Creator, DVBlast, multicat and x264 encoder. These software are also more than handy and should be used by VLC users. You can guess the popularity of VLC media player by the number of times it downloaded by users across the world and believe it or not 15 million copies of VLC 2.0 Media Player has already been downloaded. Its the most popular media player ever built after windows Media player for windows.

VLC Media Player Latest Version 2.0.1

What is VLC Media Player:

VLC media player is a open source open platform free and multi usage media player from VideoLAN. Its not just a media player, its more than that. The most common problem one can find in media players is that it will not be able to play all types of files or it may require some codec in order to play it. And that is the big plus point of VLC that it not only play Audio and Video DVD, CD, VCD but can also be used for streaming purposes.

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VLC Media Player Features:

  • The best feature of VLC is that it can play almost each and every media file you have. From DVD’s to Webcams, from VCD’s to Streams its just there for you all the time.
  • Although it plays variety of files still its very light and fast as compared to the other media players in the market.
  • In order media players you have to install codecs in order to use files but again VLC is way ahead than other old and retired players and it can play files even without any codec.
  • Almost all other players to find will be for specific platform or operating system but its the quality of VLC that it is built with no operating system in mind and can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Unix.
  • I am sure that after reading all above mention features you will be thinking about its price but believe me or not its 100% free with no spyware complaint ever recorded. VLC has promised that it will never display any advertisement or track any kind of user activity.
  • After these so many features no one would want more from this software but VideoLAN never satisfies that’s why they added the extra feature of video conversion and streaming so that you can enjoy watching movie, your favorite TV shows and programs not only on your computer but on your portable devices too.
  • I am a big fan of Flash files and often download and use them but the problem with Flash files is that no media player can play these files. Once again VLC has taken this step and now VLC media player supports Flash(.FLV) files too.

I think the features this superb media player have are enough to convince, so what are you waiting for Download VLC media player now from the official website.