How to Apply for Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, Fees and some Tips

With very limited online payment processing facilitates in third world countries specially in Pakistan and Bangladesh we have to find some other sources through which we can accept payments from other countries of the world. Paypal in Pakistan looks impossible and that’s why we have to use Alertpay which is a nice online payment processor. Majority of people in Pakistan and Bangladesh use Alertpay for payment options and they don’t even know about Payoneer. In recent times Alertpay has taken some strong steps and now they are only allowing payment withdraw from their own Alertpay Prepaid Visa Debit Card. So today we look at how to get Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, its Fees and some tips on how to use it.

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

What is Payoneer.

Payoneer is a registered online payment merchant company which provide its own Prepaid MasterCard when you apply for an account via some partner websites of Payoneer. They only act as a middle man between you and your customers/buyers. For payment processing they have start partnership with Choice Bank Limited USA and its the Choice Bank Limited which will issue you MasterCard.

What is Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

When you open an account via partner websites of Payoneer they will give you a Prepaid MasterCard so that you can send or receive payments. The card works just like any other Visa/MasterCard you have in Pakistan. You can use it any where in the world on Mnet ATM machines only.

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How to Get Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

Now the most important question how we can get this card. There are lots of partner websites where you can open your account free, earn some money and than you can order this card in order to withdraw money. Here are some of these websites.

  • Freelancing: GetAFreelancer, uTest, Guru, oDesk, RentACoder, ScriptLance, Elance
  • Payment processing: 2CheckOut, Plimus, FastSpring, WebMoney
  • Advertising: MediaWhiz,, Copeac, ROIRocket, IncentReward, Infolinks
  • Others: FreedomRocks, GPA40, iStockPhoto, Fluc, Zizbiz, MagicRock, TripleClicks

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Fees.

Payoneer will charge initial one time card fee of 15-35 dollars depending upon your country. You don’t have to pay this amount from your pocket because they will detect money from your account. Here are some other transaction fees you have to pay.

  • Monthly Account Maintenance Fee: $2
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee: $1
  • ATM Balance Enquiry Fee: $2 or 2.5% (which one is greater)
  • Card Load Fee(from partner website): Free and $5(fast transfer)
  • Card Load Fee(from outsider): 3.75%

How to Accept Credit Card payments via Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

After you have card in your hands its easy to receive payments from any Credit Card Holder. Just ask your customer to go to the official website and click on Load Money to Card link. After that it will display a mini form. Tell him your email address attached to your card. When he will enter your email address your card will automatically loads up. All he have to do is to enter the amount and check whether he or you will pay the transaction fee. After clicking of Continue button he will give the option to pay via any Visa or Mastercard. When he will enter his card info money will be transferred into your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard within 2 business days.

Some Tips for Using Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

Never check your account balance from ATM machine as you have to pay $1 of for it. You can check your balance online too.

Never withdraw all amount from your card because Payoneer will have to detect service charges from your account and if your card has no money then they will block your card.

ATM in Pakistan which accepts Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

I personally use this card on Muslim Commercial Bank ATM but you can also use it on HSBC bank ATM also. All other banks ATM are not accepting this card.

  1. Pardeep says:

    payoneer card transaction fee is more then 3$ , can be used in some bank ATMs eg. MCB, Faisal Bank

  2. sohail says:

    Mohsin you are saying never withdraw all amount other wise it can be blocked, but Payoneer said What happens to my card if I don’t use it? If the card value is depleted to zero, no fees will apply. then what to do i think i should verify paypal account then cancel the Payoneer card.

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Sohail if some one wants to remain his or her account running all the time than its good practice to leave some amount in your account.

      You said that after verifying PayPal account you will cancel the card than how will you withdraw money from PayPal. Don’t cancel the card at any time, it is more than useful for you.

  3. Nissim A. says:

    Hi Mohsin,

    Great post about Payoneer, thanks!

    I just wanted to clarify in regards to keeping an active balance on your account. Payoneer will not disable an account for reaching a $0.00 balance. In fact, if you do not use a card in any given month, and your balance if $0.00 for the month, we simply do not charge a monthly fee for that money.

    If you have an extended period of inactivity (6 month to a year) with no payments, we may temporarily disable your account, only until you receive a new payment.

    Also, note that pricing and fees may vary, depending on the partner program. In regards to an ATM balance inquiry, there is no percent charge. It’s generally only $1.

    Nissim A.
    Payoneer Community Manager

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Nissim thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind information. As for as Account activity is concerned its better in my view to never withdraw all your charges but its up to person as well.

      You said that ATM withdrawal fee is just $1 but let me tell you that yesterday i withdraw money from Payoneer card and it charge Rupees.200/-($2.2) for that transaction in Pakistan.

    • Ifrah says:

      Can you please tell me all the pricing and fees if I use payoneer with the parterner program –

      • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

        There is no fee when you use payoneer card with partner websites, these sites will pay the charges but the only changes you have to pay is withdrawal fees.

    • SYED ALI ZAMAN says:


  4. mobin says:

    I tried to withdraw money from my payoneer card today from mcb and bank alhabib atm but the payment was refused with an error “General processing error” ?
    Did you ever get this error ?
    Do you have any idea, why this could occur ?

  5. Nabeel says:

    Mohsin bhai. … I have 54 dollar in my payoneer account… plz suggest how many money i withdraw from MCB ATM to avoid any money lose if i failure to withdraw..

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      You can withdraw 52 dollars from your account but my suggestion would be to withdraw $50.

      • Nabeel says:

        thanks bro..what is dollar exchange rate in ATM? 88 or 90 in MCB ATM?..

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Dollar exchange rate vary as we all know. I think you should go for 88*52=4576 which means that you can withdraw 4500/- only because ATM will only give money in the denominations of 500 only.

          • Nabeel says:

            thanks… very informative…

          • Awais says:

            Here I would like to Remind you that If you are withdrawing in Pakistan then the exchange rate differs. MasterCard charges 3% of the amount you withdraw.
            I usually calculate the exchange rate in the following way. Visit MCB online exchange rate(google it). Multiply it with 0.97 and the answer is the current exchange rate for Payoneer MasterCard Holders.
            Nice Post by the way.

          • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

            Awais nice explanation and you are right after all these calculations the end rate would be some thing like 83 to 84 rupees per one dollar.

  6. froozen_martial says:

    Hello Mohsin bhai,
    Hope you are doing well today I have 100+$ (after deduction of fee) in my payoneer card. I have tried to get money from different ATMs like MCB and Faysal bank but there was error …

    faysal bank said “general processing error” try again…

    please tell me what to do?
    waiting for ur reply

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Masood these types of errors can happen in ATM machines so its better for you to try again. Second thing is that you have not mention the amount you were withdrawing. If you have $100 in your account than 100*88=8800 rupees and you cannot withdraw full Rs.8800/- from ATM machine. So you may try with Rs.8500/-

  7. hassan says:

    Hello I got my 2checkout payoneer card but how can i upload money when ever i try to upload money into my account they shows error what to do?

  8. Ali says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a Payoneer Debit Card user for oDesk. Yesterday I had General Processing Error on SCB ATM Machine. I didn’t received any Cash. BUT When I checked my balance in my account, I saw the transaction was made their, while I didn’t got a single penny.

    I’m so depressed. I never had this issue with SCB or Payoneer before this. Please let me know, what should I do?

  9. Naveed says:


    Which bank offers maximum withdrawal in one transaction. Like I have tried in MCB offer only 10,000 one time
    Faysal Bank I have even withdrawal 25000 in one time. Can anyone help me which bank offers maximum cash in one transaction.

    Thanks to all…

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Naveed maximum a bank can offer withdrawal per day is 25,000/- only.

      • Naveed says:

        Mohsin Bahi Thanks

        Which bank offer 25000 in one transactions. I have used fysal bank but mostly there is “general processing error”

        Do you know any other bank which offer 25000 per transaction.

        Thank You

        • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

          Naveed general processing error normally occurs when you try to withdraw more money from your account. Simply withdraw less money and you will never face this problem.

        • Mian Zain says:


          Naveed i may inform you that you can withdraw 30,000Rs from Standard Charted Bank’s ATM machine through your payoneer debit card. I personally withdraw the same amount bundle of times from SCB through my payoneer card. So you can withdraw the same amount without any hesitation from SCB ATM maschines through your payoneer debit card.

  10. ahmed says:

    A good discussion,
    A very simple question,
    How can get i payoneer mastercard?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Payoneer mastercard is not for common public. You have to join affiliate websites like, or and earn some money there and redeem.

  11. sania says:

    Bank al habib or hbl Atm’s Accepting this card ?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      I never try this card on these ATM’s.

    • Mian Zain says:

      No. You can withdraw your amount in Pakistan through these banks.
      City bank
      Standard Chartarted Bank
      Faisal bank

      These bank’s ATM machines withdrawal process is already personally checked by me and i use these banks machines for payoneer withdraw

  12. ahmed says:

    thanx mohsin for reply.
    I just start work at odesk.
    The question was,after earning payoneer company send my card by corier or any other way???

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      They will send you card by normal mail. Don’t worry card will be reached at you safely. Just focus on earning money.

  13. ahmed says:

    thanx mohsin

  14. Faraz says:

    You have mentioned websites where one can earn money? For a newbie like me can you please guide in details about how to earn it and how many different option are there?

  15. sohail says:

    It was very interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks the author for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

  16. suleman says:

    AOA Mohsin,
    I am employer on Elance , but on elance i can’t use my visa card as they use visa card without 3 digit CVV code and they just use visa card number ,
    how can I use visa card or something else payoner there in order to pay freelanacer that work for me.


    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      If your card is not working than you can also Order your own Payoneer pre-paid master card from Elance.

  17. Sheraz says:

    the card is valid in Pakistan at following banks:
    Faysal Bank (formerly ABN-AMRO)

    and i personally like Faysal Bank as MCB these days is charging flat 200 for international currency cards.

    • Ifrah says:

      Can you please tell me what are the atm withdraw limits, if I want to withdraw money from the banks you mentioned (citibank, MCB and faysal bank)?
      Payoneer limit is $2500 per month, but I read on their website that withdraw limits may vary at local atm.

      And what is the fees charged by banks these days by MCB and citibank?

      • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

        Ifrah no matter what international limit you have ATM will not give you more than 25000 rupees so be careful when you withdraw your money.

      • Mian Zain says:


        i may inform you that you can withdraw 30,000Rs from Standard Charted Bank’s ATM machine through your payoneer debit card. I personally withdraw the same amount bundle of times from SCB through my payoneer card. So you can withdraw the same amount without any hesitation from SCB ATM maschines through your payoneer debit card and as regards payoneer daily withdraw limit at the one time. i have withdraw 90,000 RS at a same time from SCB ATM Machine by entering my payoneer card 3 times, means 30,000 PKR per time withdraw. i have the maximum experience of 90,000PKR withdraw at a same time. and if you need further withdraw transaction limit so you can ask to payoneer.

        • Asif says:

          I second Mian Zain, as I have used Standard Chartered Bank multiple times to withdraw 90,000PKR in a single day, by placing three 30000PKR transactions on ATM. wondering if there is any bank which gives more than that? Citi offers only 20,000 PKR in one transaction. By the way, ATM withdraw fee is constant @ 2.15$. Moreover, the rate offered in around 3Rs less than the openmarket rate which is usually the Bank’s offer rate for Dollars.

  18. Waleed says:

    Mohsin bhai i jst wanna ask u that can i verify my paypal account with this card ?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      No way this card is only for Payza(formally Alertpay).

    • Meesum Zaidi says:

      Yes Waleed, you can surely verify your Paypal account with Payoneer Master Card. Not only this, but if you register for free US Payment Service ( ), you can also receive money from your Paypal account to Payoneer Master Card. Therefore, that’s the way now you can receive Paypal earnings in Pakistan ( using Payoneer ).

  19. Waleed says:

    and can money be deposited through this card ?

  20. FuzedMass says:

    Hello Mohisn Bhai,
    Hope that you are doing fine, now the dollar is like 93rs, so what conversion rate will I get if I with draw 100$ from faysal bank using Paynoeer card ?

  21. FuzedMass says:

    mohsin bhai reply ?

  22. zain says:

    Mohsin Bhai can you tell me, is any way earn online money plzzz reply soon…

  23. ifrah says:

    Thank you for the reply.
    I have one more question. Can I withdraw money from any MCB ATM? or there are some selected ATMs for master card?

  24. ifrah says:

    Thank you for all your help. May Allah bless you. Ameen.

  25. Taha says:

    Asalam o Alikum to all of you. !

    I am very happy to see that many people are using Payoneer MasterCard in our country Pakistan :).. i am also the one… I read all the above comments i just wanna tell you i don’t use any exchange method and all..

    When i have funds on my payoneer (which are almost every month Alhumdulilah)

    i simply goto ( ) website and convert my current balance to rupees.. In my case every time when i withdrawal below the 10,000 amount MCB back detect (600rs) and when above 10,000 MCB bank charge (800rs) and when u withdrawal 20,000 more MCB charge you (1200rs) i know this fees are high when i use this card before the the fee is low of this amount but i am talking about the current one..

    So just calculate everything before you withdrawal money from ATM’s πŸ™‚

    Stay happy God bless you all πŸ™‚

  26. Naveed says:

    How much I can withdraw from CitiBank ATM in one transaction? How much CitiBank charge like MCB is charging Rs, 200/- per transaction.

    What is limit of citiBank 25000 or more?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Naveed i never try citibank so its my guess that the limit will be the same as applied by the local bank and that is 25,000/- only. Charges with be the same on all bank’s ATM.

  27. Ahmad says:

    Mohsin I want to know one thing. Let’s say I acquired the Payoneer card by earning through oDesk. Can I use the same card to withdraw funds from some website other than oDesk that allows withdrawals through Payoneer card?

  28. Ahmad says:

    I just ordered the Payoneer card for free from their own website and not by earning money through their partner’s website. Is there any difference in transaction fee or anything getting the card through this method or both are the same? I think ordering directly is a much easier method.

  29. Ahsan says:

    Charges you pay using your Payoneer card for ATM withdrawal:

    1) USD 2.15 payoneer fee for “ATM withdrawal – outside U.S.”
    2) PKR 200 fee as “MCB ATM transaction fee” (supposing MCB ATM is used)
    3) Around 3% “MasterCard foreign transaction charges” above all fees (added to above fees in the end).

    Withdraw in multiples of 500 (500, 1000, 1500.. etc), max limit for MCB is 10,000. You should get very close estimates keeping above fees in mind. Withdrawing large amount is beneficial as compared to many small transactions.

    (convert currency using inter-bank bank buying USD rates for the given date in all above steps, can be used to find those)

  30. Anas Niazi says:

    Plz Tell Me,K jb hm ye card Receive karenge to Us waqt card ki fees to nhe deni hogi Postman Etc Ko??

  31. kahkahsan says:

    i want to ask that if i want to use SCB ATM machine, is it necessary to have aaccount in that bank?

  32. Leon says:

    Hello all. πŸ™‚

    Before, I get into my message, I have to apologize in advance, if this comes off as a rant, because it kind of is. – I’m a bit frustrated.


    I was wondering, if anyone here can let me know, which of Payoneer’s partners are the easiest to sign-up to and earn with?

    I ask, because I am interested in getting their Prepaid Debit card. But, it seems that from their list of partners, most, if not all, do not pay well. Or the ones that do, like the Freelancing sites, I would have to ‘bid’ on jobs to get paid. That’s just ridiculous. – No offense, I’m not a freelancer.

    I just want to find a company that has products|services that pay out decent commissions, so that I can reach Payoneer’s threshold for being able to apply for their card.

    ** Any solid recommendations, will be greatly appreciated.

    btw: I had signed up with SFI – Tripleclicks, but it seems as I mentioned above, that their products and business model is incredibly difficult to earn any ‘real’ income with.

    Alright, rant and request, over.

    To a successful year and beyond!!

  33. ASF says:

    hello Mohsin. the only reason i m interested in the Payoneer account/card is that i read it can be used to verify PayPal account in Pakistan. the other option i came across is the VCC method.

    please tell which one do u suggest for verifying PayPal ? Payoneer or VCC ?

  34. Taseer says:

    How about point of sale transactions, Mohsin, I was wondering if we can use our payoneer card at restaurants or say fifth avenue here in Pakistan?

  35. Asif Nadeem says:

    Interesting post Mohsin, i need little bit help from you guys regarding Payoneer account, i’m related to internet Marketing and apply for payonner account many time form payoneer website but every time i get following error

    “” Ooops… some of the fields are not filled properly. Please make sure there are no invalid characters””

    but i clearly check my all details but every time i get this error. i also try to apply from odesk but still same error — hope you reply soon

    Asif Nadeem

  36. yasir says:

    i applied for payoneer card for almost a month but didnt recieved it yet my expected date of shipment was 27 september and it passed . plz tell me what to do ? or i have to wait ? i dont know from which payoneer associate i applied for the card but i know it was payoneer own website .

  37. MUHAMMED IRFAN says:

    mai aap sa pata karna chahta tha k mai na payoneer card k lia apply kia ha mai odesk pa kam karta ho . mai pta ya karna chahta tha k jab mai wo card pakistani atm pa use karo ga to us mai $ ko PKR mai kaisay convert karo ga kio k maira balance to $ mai ho ga

  38. saad says:

    Assalam u alykum
    My name is saad.
    M from karachi.
    Mohsin bahi….mujhay payoneer master chaheye to mein ye card kahan say hasil kar sakta hoon…kis website say is card k liye apply karonga….and I need your help about paypal and payoneer…. plz I need your contact no I will talk to u direct on call…and take all info about paypal and payoneer bcoz I join a one foreign company they are saying me we give u payment through paypal means I need payoneer card so plz send me your contact no and emil I’d on my email I’d.. [email protected]

  39. Muhammad Aslam says:

    Dear Mohsin, i am new for here, please help me about new Payoneer account, how i create new account & apply Payoneer card ?

  40. masudahmed says:

    mohsin bhi can i apply payoneer d card right now a days…

  41. Arslan says:

    Mohsin bhai currently can you tell me that which bank is working fine for Payoneer with no problem plz? I have tested most of banks and they dont support. Thankyou!

  42. Arslan says:

    Thankyou so much Mohsin Ali Sahab!

    I wan to ask can you tell me how to insert my payoneer card in MCB ATM Machine? As i am new with this atm methods. Also tell me i have inserted the card yesterday and after i requested the money it said wait and then said Pin error? Even though i know my pin code, why is that happened?

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Arslan Every ATM card has Arrow shape at the end of it so that people know which side is to insert. PIN code is normally of 4 digits so make sure that you are typing the 4 digits correctly.

      • Arslan says:

        Ok thankyou!

        Can you tell me what is the current withdrawl limit at MCB ATM ? Also how many times i can withdraw from that card using MCB ATM in 1 day?

        I mean like is it possible to withdraw 15000 one time again 15000 etc at the same time? Thankyou!

      • saad says:

        can i deposit money in payza from pakistan ? what is method of it?

  43. Arslan says:

    Can you please reply?

  44. Raza says:

    Kindly tell me paypal verify ju kerna hai woh VPN se access ker k US address per bana hai yaan we can verify any paypal…. ?

  45. ATIK says:

    I think this is very suitable system for Bangladesh because every student want to create self identity.I think if we get a job in freelancer, we will make our carrier in better situation.

  46. Muhammad Zahir Shah says:

    Salam Mohsin bhai payoneer card ko activate karny k charges kitny hai bhai main nai suna hai free main payoneer card activate ho jata hai kia ya baat sahe hai k nahe or bhai pakistan main kis kis ATM say payoneer card say withdraw karwa sakty hai or is main pakistan say pakistani Rupay kis tarha payoneer card main deposit karwa sakty hai.bhai urdu main jawab dain.Shukriya

  47. Shabnum Khan says:

    I want to load cash on my payoneer card. Can anybody tell me which bank will be suitable and how much there fee of cash loading?

  48. ibrahim says:

    may first time apna payoneer card kasa load karsakta ho pleas kowe muja batay ya ager kowe mara mada karsakta hay to pleas mara number pay muja sms kara 03068368576

  49. ibrahim says:

    i get my payoneer cad in august 2013 and today 6/10/2013 i already activate my card and also get us payment serivces bu not load yet some people say first time another payoneer card send mony to my payoneer card after thate i can load my card from my bank account so i have no friend to send mony to my card so if any one in pakistan send mony to my payoneer card i will send it thro EASY PASA AND THEN THEY WILL SEND TO MY CARD MY MOBILE 03068368576

  50. Waji says:

    Mohsin Bhi,
    If i have not member of any partner of payoneer, I have use this card only verify my paypal account> so in that case can payoneer issue card to me, If yes than what procedure.

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