In this world things never remain stable and we time to time face different challenges through by our surroundings and same things happens in IT world too. If you are using Windows computer for a while you definitely have face some trouble in your journey like Windows crashing, Viruses, Hard Disk failure and hackers etc. All these things can happen to any one any time so in order to keep moving and protect your self from these misshapes its good ideal to be prepared for this kind of scenario. The best solution to your problem will be is to backup all your data daily so that if some thing goes wrong you will be able to quickly back on track with your computer backup.

O&O DiskImage 5 Pro

The Solution is O&O DiskImage 5 Pro:

O&O DiskImage 5 Pro is the easiest and most effective way to backup your whole computer with just few click of a button. With so many options its the dream come true and full peace of mind for you. You can create a full backup copy of one drive or whole computer it totally up to you. Backup create process runs in background so that you enjoy your work and O&O DiskImage 5 Pro do its work. backups can be stored on your computer hard-drive or on USB/external hard-drives as well.

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Its designed to keep in mind the needs of both indivudal home user and a small business enterprises. That is why its already configured and have extra configuration features which let you create backup instantly. The main problem comes for Windows user when your computer is not responding or having trouble to start. That is where you all other backup software’s fail. But thanks to boot-medium technology O&O DiskImage 5 Pro recovers data even without windows at boot time and hence you get your precious data.

O&O DiskImage 5 Pro features:

  • One click whole computer backup.
  • Full images of your computer and individual drives.
  • Cloning makes easy to restore data.
  • Backup and restore specific Files and Folders.
  • Fully automatic program updates.
  • Warnings regarding secularist and hard-disk problems.
  • Boot-time data recovery for all version of Windows.
  • Extract data from ISO files.
  • New user friendly design.
  • Now comes with CD/DVD burning option too.

How to get O&O DiskImage 5 Pro Free License Keys.

O&O Software Company is giving away free license keys of O&O DiskImage 5 Pro in celebration of introducing there new and state of the art backup software O&O DiskImage 6 Pro. Although this giveaway version is old but still its quite handful and its free and you don’t have to take any risk. Just you need to do some simple steps mention below and you will get your key in your email box.

1. Visit the official giveaway page mention at the end of this post and enter your mail-id in the box that says E-mail.

2. After that click on Request Free License button and soon you will receive an email containing free license key of O&O DiskImage 5 Pro from O&O Software Company right in your email box.