If you are a webmaster, blogger or web designer than you surly heard the name of Graphstock.com website which is a great resource of getting high quality graphics and images. Not only this but you will also find Photoshop tutorials for creating high quality web designs, WordPress themes, Icons, Templates, Vector shapes, Stock photos, textures, Photoshop Add-ons, gradients, patterns, customs shapes and much more. These things can be very helpful for designers and bloggers as well who always want to add some thing new in their blog. They generally have two account options yearly account and Premium account with Commercial license and of course you have to pay for both accounts.

Free Graphstock Membership

Write for Graphstock.com and Earn Money:

Apart from all above mention great content they offer you to earn money while writing for them. Obviously its a graphics website so you have to create a stunning design tutorial in order to be accepted on this website. But all your efforts will be rewarded highly as they pay minimum of $100 for first tutorial. Yes i say first because for second tutorial you will be get given $100 and free one year Premium account with Commercial license. For third tutorial you will be given $150 and Premium account with Commercial license. In some cases though they even pay you $300 per tutorial as well.

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Of course your tutorial must be original and unique and you cannot publish it any where on other websites. You can only use your own material or the one for which you have permission to use. If you are using images for third party source than its necessary for you to include the link in your article. They will only pay you after 2 weeks from the publication date of your article. You article must be in txt or Doc format and if PSD files are also necessary than include it with your package.

Graphstock.com Accounts and Packages:

Graphstock.com offers two accounts for you which you can open instantly by paying money via PayPal.

  • Yearly ($39.00 for one year)
  • Premium account with Commercial license ($99.00 for one year)

How to Get Graphstock.com One Year Commercial License Free.

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4. Now visit the signup page of Graphstock.com and enter your unique coupon code while signing up. Congratulations you will soon receive an email from containing your account details.

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