Laplink PCmover Professional is a software which gives you the ability to move files very easily between two or more computers with just few clicks of a mouse button. Not only it moves files but also moves programs, windows settings and all other software programs installed with configuration and hence saves lots of precious time and money. There may be many occasions at which you need to move files from one computer to another and its very irritating and time consuming process to transfer all your files and folders from one system to another. The way it work is very simple process, just install PCmover Professional on both computers and click just few buttons and it will do the rest for you.

Laplink PCmover Professional 6
Its amazing that when you will complete the transfer process you will not believe that the new computer has the same and 100% exact settings that were on your old PC. No need to install drivers or reinstalling the programs, your computer is just ready to go so that you can enjoy watching movies, playing games and surfing internet instantly. It another great feature is that it works with every version of windows which means no problems what so ever. Using Laplink PCmover Professional you can transfer your windows files and folders to an Intel-processor based Apple Mac using VMware Fusion, Parallels for MAC or Bootcamp software.

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Laplink PCmover Professional Features:

  • Transfer is very easy thanks to its wizard based software which can be operated by a child to transfer files.
  • Process starts by installing the process on both computers.
  • Just select the settings, press few button and make a cup of coffee. PCmover will do the rest for you.
  • You don’t need to mention the windows settings and installed programs as this will automatically pick up for you.
  • You can transfer files to multiple computers or from a backup image to new computer.
  • You can also transfer windows user profiles data and files too.
  • Undo changes made by Laplink PCmover Professional 6 with just one click on undo button.

How to Get Laplink PCmover Professional 6 Free License keys:

Laplink is giving away free license keys of Laplink PCmover Professional 6 for a limited time to audience. All you need to do is to visit the giveaway page mention below and follow some simple steps.

1. Visit Giveaway page mention below and create your new account by clicking on Create button.

2. Now it will ask for some basic info, just enter your details and create your account.

3. After that it will again redirect you to the giveaway page. This time you are login and your Product Code has been set. All you need is a press Finish button and your download should start now.

Just install PCmover on both of your computers and use the Wizard to start transferring everything you want to the new PC.