Alertpay Official Money ExChangers List

Money ExChangers are the one who provide you the facility to exchange money from your e-currency account to cash and vice-verse. Of course for this service they will change money but some times this method is helpful for you when you want money in your pocket quickly. Today we again talk about Alertpay as this is the premium e-currency service available in Pakistan and Bangladesh. After some recent changes and difficult conditions for Alertpay people are saying that Alertpay is a Scam or going to be scam soon. But in my view this is just a difficult period for Alertpay as they are facing some banking issues and that’s why they disable payment withdrawals methods like Bank Wire, Check and Credit Card Withdrawal and verification.

Alertpay Official Money ExChangers List

Although e-currency exchange services are very good and fast way to withdraw your money but you have to be very careful choosing these services as most of these services are scam and they can easily make you fool by displaying high graphics website and features. So only use official e-currency exchangers or the one recommended by the Alertpay. Alertpay only recommends five e-currency exchangers which are listed below.

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1. is the most used e-currency exchange service by Alertpay members and its the oldest service too. They have a minimum rate of $7 per transaction and 8% for transactions more than $100. They will exchange money via Western union, Bank Wire, Debit Card and Liberty Reserve. Withdraw time usually takes between 24 to 48 hours. Money can be deposited in your Alertpay account within 24 hours.


Another solid and trusted e-currency exchanger which is doing this business from last 6 years. They are open 24/7 means no office timings and you can trade any time you want. They have no minimum transaction fee but usually they charge 8% per transaction. You can exchange money in the form of Western union, Pecunix, PerfectMoney and Liberty Reserve. Money Withdraw time usually takes between 2 to 4 days. if you want to deposit Money than it can be deposited in your Alertpay account within 24 hours.


Relativity new in this business but the biggest advantage they have over all other e-currency exchanger is there fully automated system which ensures that you can exchange money within seconds rather than days. They even have there own ATM card which you can request in order to withdraw your money from Alertpay. They have a minimum rate of $4 per transaction which is very good as well. You can exchange money in the form of C-gold, Liberty Reserve and bank Wire.


Again manual exchange service but the support staff is very good and try to exchange money as quickly as possible. Usually done transactions in one day and with very low fees. You can exchange money in the form of C-gold, Liberty Reserve, Pecunix and PerfectMoney.

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Its the fastest and emerging exchange service in recent years and prove to be the most used service in last year. They even have a blog and referral system so that when ever you refer to their service you will earn commission. They have a minimum fee of 1$ per transaction other than the percentage(different for some transactions) of the amount you want to exchange. You can exchange money in the form of C-gold, Liberty Reserve, Solid Trust and PerfectMoney.

  1. Thanks you for the list :) you rock and your blog rock

  2. sohail says:

    I heard that AlertPay is providing free PrePaid Debit Card with no monthly is true then no need to use pioneer debit card

    • Mohsin Ali Waheed says:

      Yes they are not charging any monthly fee but one time card fee is $20 which you have to pay upfront.

  3. Daniyal @ free premium accounts says:

    good list i have some money to withdraw will try a site

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    we are regional representative of just been paid in pakistan.We want $ in alertpay,liberty reserve,solid trust.
    Any one want to sell $ please contact us
    Skype Id: misssoozy
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  5. Fraz says:

    For withdrawing using
    Will they deposit in my Standard Chartered Debit card?
    Will it work?

  6. Moonis Ahmed says:

    Dear mohsin
    Can you tell me an exchange which is best to withdraw usd from Payza in karachi pakistan. I haven’t got a payza debit card.

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