East-Tec Eraser 2012 is a software program which protects your online identity and removes all the tracks and Secrets you left behind while surfing. This utility also ensures that it removes tracks securely so that no other software can detect your activity online. East-Tec company has promised to destroy all your data and information available on internet while surfing without even let you know or your approval. Automatically cleans all the cache, cookies, scripts and other data which was stored by the websites. It can also remove all you internet history, Web pages, images, chatroom conversations, deleted e-mail messages and files, temporary files, the Windows swap file, the Recycle Bin and all other unnecessary files and folders present in the Temporary windows folder.

East-Tec Eraser 2012 Protect Your Online Identity

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East-Tec Eraser 2012 Features:

  • In this age of internet thousands of internet hackers are searching 24/7 for information which they can steal and take benefit of it. While you surf on internet you leave back tracks which are easily detectable and can lead to your precious information. East-Tec Eraser 2012 very easily and securely detects all your information so that no one will even track you back again.
  • You may be thinking that when you delete files in your browser cache and temporary internet files than data is gone. No you are wrong as you may already know that when we delete files normally windows can only delete the location of that files from its index and actually the files is present on that location and any hacker can easily detect that. So you need East-Tec Eraser 2012 which really deletes data from actually physical location and makes it impossible to recover.
  • This amazing software works with each and every latest browser of today which means that almost 95% users can use this software without any problem.
  • Many people thought that cleaning browsers history and data is enough but they forget the instant messengers files and history. Don’t you worry East-Tec Eraser 2012 will also work with your favorite chat messengers and ensures that its removes all instant messengers cookies, files, history and folders.
  • Imagine if your internet browsers are neat and clean than how fast they will preform. That’s the plus point of this state of the wart software which means so you can also save lots of hard-disk space too.
  • Deleting data permanently is the need of today as many people are buying and selling computers every now and then and its necessary that your computer is neat and clean when you sold it to any one. East-Tec Eraser 2012 uses Bruce Schneier Algorithm which is the industry standards in erasing the data permanently from hard-disk.
  • It can be handled very easily by setting it up to auto-pilot mode which detects and deletes files and folders automatically without your permission.
  • What else you want from a data erasing software with so many features but they even had added a feature to remove data from Compact Disks, USB and DVD’s.
  • It can very intelligently close all your open browser windows after a specific period of time and deletes data for a maximum protect which can be a useful thing to do on a public Computer or system which is being used by many people.

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How to Get East-Tec Eraser 2012 free:

East-Tec company in collaboration with PC Adviser magazine is giving away 6 months free license keys of East-Tec Eraser 2012 to the readers of our blog. Just visit eh Giveaway page mention below and enter your name and email address in the fields. After that click on accept agreement form and click the “Submit” button. You will instantly receive an confirmation email from the East Technologies. Just click on Get Free Key link and a new page will open. Again click on “Get Free Key” button and it will display the unique key code which you can used to activate your software.