You may be wondering what the hell is Box of Bundles. Well its a monthly collection of freebies like Buttons, Menus, CSS forms, animated thumbnails, wallpapers, share buttons, icons and much more. And the best part is that this bundle is free to download and will remain always be free. The owner of the website says that the purpose of creating this bundle is to collect some of the best free design work available on internet and spread it to the people who are not aware of these beautiful artwork. Of course these art works are created by some of the top designers of the world and they are giving it away absolutely free of cost to everyone.

Box of Bundles First and Second Edition
Box of Bundles First Edition

As said earlier Box of Bundles is a collection of freebies and every month they released a new version of it which contains stunning buttons, icons, Photoshop files, wallpapers, backgrounds, textures and much more. Box of Bundles first edition was released 2 months ago and now a days they are offering second bundle but you can still download this amazing bundle free of cost from official website.

Download Box of Bundles First Edition

Box of Bundles Second Edition

After the success of first edition they have now released second edition which is also a hit. This bundle contains social share neon buttons, CSS buttons, follow buttons, textures, CSS forms, ribbons etc. You can download this exclusive bundle free of cost from official website mention below. All you need to do is to the visit the website and tweet the page. After you successfully tweet the page with your friends download link will automatically appear. Just download the pack from that link and enjoy!

Download Box of Bundles Second Edition