DocLock is a File Lock and Encryption Software which can also be used on folders as well. Protecting data from unauthorized person is the need of each and every person on this earth. Whether you are in home or office you have to protect your files other wise any body can read your files and destroy them too. Its not the matter of protecting your ordinary files like images, songs or movies but its the most important one too like financial reports, tax documents and credit card or bank information etc that should be protected from other persons. Windows by default not provide file security option so you need a third party software which can do the file security work for you.

DocLock File Lock and File Encryption Software

DocLock File Lock and File Encryption Software Features:

  • When you will install DocLock in your windows it will automatically add a shortcut icons in right click menu so that you can easily password protect any files, folder, song, movie, word document or even a Zip files as well.
  • Total protection means no way to break or hack your passwords. Its encryption makes it impossible for hackers to break the password protect files.
  • Very easy to install and run that even a child can use this software without even reading proper documentation or read me files.
  • In this fast era everyone is in hurry and with windows drag and drop functionality its easy to secure files with just one click and drag the file to docLock to instantly secure it.
  • Sometimes you may run out of password ideas than for this situation you need a helper. DocLock can also suggest your strong passwords containing letters, digits and special characters.
  • Very compact in size and only 5MB in size which is really special when other security software’s available in the market are more than 100Mb in size.
  • You can also share locked files with your friends and family members via email. Of course they need to know your password in order to open the files.
  • Its portable file feature let you take your files in USB or in compact disks to another computer where you just need to enter your password and nothing else.
  • Sometimes you may have install more than one file security programs in your computer, so in this situation you don’t need to worry about because DocLock works very well with other security software’s.
  • Remembering passwords is a very difficult specially when you have to remember lots of strong passwords. Doclock has this very unique feature embed in it which allows you to related any picture with your password, Hence when you have to unlock the file simply point towards that file and your file will be unlocked.

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How to Get DocLock Free: is a free giveaway website which in collaboration with different software companies organizes giveaways. They have a running campaign in which lots of software’s are available. Now all you have to do is to visit the giveaway page and click on “I Want this” button. This way you can vote for this software and if this software will be chosen for giveaway they will give free license keys of DocLock to every user how vote. Of course information about giveaway will be mailed to your email address provided at the time of vote.