Youtube is the world’s most watched and video sharing website and that’s why you may find lots of Standalone Desktop Players for it too. The purpose of introducing Youtube Standalone Desktop Player is to eliminate the amount of time videos load in browsers due to some extra advertisements and browser capability to share sped between each and every window. Standalone Desktop Player eliminate all these problems and provide full download speed to cache the video in your system which results in high speed loading time and hence better video performance. YTubePlayer is a very small just 7MB in size player which let you watch videos from your desktop without using any browser.

Youtube Standalone Desktop Player

YTubePlayer Features:

  • Video videos right from your desktop, No need to use any browser or to install extra software like Flash.
  • Play videos directly from YouTube which means no downloading required.
  • Take full advantage of your keyboard for features like pause, reverse, next previous and full screen etc.
  • Its toolbar let you listen to your favorite songs while you work.
  • You can search directly from YouTube or can create playlist and import it into YTubePlayer. Also you can play songs via some keywords like enter 50 cent and it will automatically play latest 50 cent songs from YouTube.
  • Create and share playlists with your friends. Just create an account, choose nick name, create playlist and send it via share button.
  • 100% clean and tested for Spyware, malware and viruses by Softpedia labs.

How to use the Application:

First of all download the application from the official website link given below and download the software. Now install the software with default settings and run the program. The interface of the program is very simply and user friendly. You can play random video clips from YouTube by clicking the first icon in the top bar of the program. But if you want to search a specific video from YouTube than click on binocular icon located on the top icon bar and enter the keywords.

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You can also create your own playlist and adds videos in it or you can import already created playlist from your YouTube account. Adding videos into your playlist is very easy. Just click on chain icon and enter the full URL of the YouTube video, give it some proper name and save it. Next time you don’t have to mention it again or you can simply click on share button and send it to your friend. It has default video quality of 360p but you can very easily change it with your own preferred one by simply clicking on the preference menu and select the desire video quality from the list.

Download YTubePlayer