Ever since Apple announced that they are not supporting Flash for their ISO devices developers are rushing towards HTML5 due to its cross platform availability. This might be a bad news for Flash developers and users but its overall good news for us which means that if all web browsers adopt HTML5 technology fully than we don’t have to install third party software’s and plugins in order to get full use of web experience. Also it eliminates the risk of viruses and spywares which were easily embedded into your system with the help of third party plugins like Adobe Flash etc. Now you don’t have to embed media player or flash support in your blog in order to play movies or animations. Just write code in HTML5 and create animations with the help of CSS3 and Java Script code and you are done.

Adobe Edge Preview 5

What is Adobe Edge Preview 5?

Adobe recently released a new product for creating animations named as Adobe Edge Preview 5 very similar to Adobe Flash but the difference is that it generates animations in HTML5 which means these animations can be run on any platform, gadget which supports HTML5 without having to install any other plugin or software. This unique ability of this software makes it very popular among developers and many Flash designers are moving towards this tool so that they can meet the future requirements of web animation.

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How to Create Animations using Adobe Edge Preview 5.

Creating animations via Adobe Edge Preview 5 is very easy and you don’t need to learn any programming language. Its drag and drop user interface makes it easy for you to create stunning animations with just few clicks of button. You can add vector based shapes, text, images and songs in your animations. If you have used Adobe Flash before than this software is even more easier for you. Animation structure works on keyframes and timeline. When you create your first movie you will not believe on your eyes that end result is same of Flash quality but its running without Flash so its mean that it can be seen on any HTML5 supported browser.

What if a Browser is not HTML5 Compatible?

Yes its the main question ans still older browsers are not supporting HTML5 like internet explorer 8 and below. So keeping this in mind Adobe has added a new feature called “Poster Capture” which allows you to add static image in your project so that if clients browser is not HTML5 supported that the static image will be shown to the user rather than animation.

Where to Download Adobe Edge Preview 5.

Amazingly Adobe is not charging a single penny for Adobe Edge Preview 5 software and you can download this amazing software from Adobe official website via link mention below. You need to create a free account and after that they will show you a download link of software.

Download Adobe Edge Preview 5