Vectorian Giotto is a stunning and unique Flash animations software which let you create animations and cartoons without coding. Adobe Flash is a great animation software but the big problem with Flash is that you have to learn Action Script other wise you won’t be able to create professional animations. But unlike Flash Giotto is very simple to use and creates professional animations without need to know action script. This software is made for designers not for coders. And the most important thing which make this software a huge hit is that its totally free of cost and you are just few minutes away from creating your first animation.

Giotto Free and Create Stunning Flash Animations without Coding

Vectorian Giotto Features:

  • If you are a Flash user than you may have noticed that in order to create simple button hover effect you have to write code 10 times more than ever before. Even the latest version of flash looks like that made only for coders that’s how difficult it is to create simple animations in flash. But Vectorian Giotto is only made for designers so that they can easily create animations without even write a single line of code.
  • Its a full vector creation software which means you can easily create rectangles, polygon, star, or rounded rectangle. You can also import music files, filters and animations created in flash. Like Flash you can create symbols, Movie Clips and Buttons. You can manage all these files in your library and add motion tweens and shape tweens.
  • The best feature i like most about Giotto is its built-in more than 50 effects which you can apply on text as well as on shapes. Now imagine the possibilities of these effects when applied you can create professional animation within no time. Above all this they have embed the 100 effect presets which allows you easily create animation with just one click of a button.
  • Built-in editor for color palettes which was not available in the previous versions. Some people say that color palette is useless but its totally up to you. If you use it wisely than your project can pimp up and can produce great results.
  • The design team of Giotto has done all the hard work for you and code some intense action script behind each and every effect. Its there great effort that you don’t need to learn action script and all you have to do is to drag and drop object, take some actions and hit play button to see the effects.
  • Another most important feature is the user interaction with your animation like email input, text, mathematical data etc. This makes your project more professional and useful. Again you don’t have to do any coding for this as all setup is drag and drop.
  • Vectorian Giotto interface is very similar to the Adobe Flash which means that if you are moving from Flash to this software than you don’t have to learn any thing extra. Just download the software free from official website, install it and there you go.

Here is an Animation Example:

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Where to download Vectorian Giotto Free:

As said earlier Vectorian Giotto is a free software and can be downloaded from official website link mention below.

Download Vectorian Giotto