Firefox is the mostly used browser in the world right now and Google Chrome is its biggest competitor in the market. Its a fact that in last year or so Google Chrome has won million hearts and its growing fast but Firefox is still the most modern and efficient browser of the world. That’s why Firefox team work day and night to produce a product which full fill all the requirements of users and demands of modern technology. The best part about Firefox is its ability to handle HTML5 and CSS3 which makes its really ideal for all platforms. Internet explorer which is far behind Firefox and Google Chrome in terms of technology is going to be died if Microsoft has not released a version which handles the latest modern technology.

Firefox Nightly Version 14

What’s new in Firefox Nightly Version 14:

At the time of writing this article Firefox has stable version of 11 which is ready to be download from official Mozilla website but they have already given the opportunity to download and test the incredibly fast and latest Browser named as Firefox Nightly. One of the main features of this new modern ultra light browser is its high glossy user interface with sleek design. The tab are shifted at the top of the browser window and search bar is located right below the tab bar. Various themes of Firefox Nightly are available to download and its just looks beautiful.

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Another new feature of Firefox Nightly Version 14 is its download manager which is quite new and unique from previous version of Firebox. Now you can see the Download manager as the icon right on your browser tab windows with little icon of showing download progress. Its looks like that Firefox has copy this feature from Google Chrome which also indicates the download progress in circle. Some of your might not like this feature but its great to look at the window as well as the download progress at the same time rather than the old big download box hover over your browser window.

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The new Firefox Nightly Version 14 is lightning fast and can handle the newest scripts of HTML5 and CSS3 very efficiently which means that you can enjoy almost any website which is written in the most advanced language of today without any compromise. Above all the new version is also available for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac and for Linux operating systems.

Download Firefox Nightly Version 14