ZeroPC is a single sign-in solution for all your Cloud content in one location. You don’t need to sign in into all your web services with individual username and passwords when you have signup for ZeroPC service. You don’t even need to open separate browser windows for all your web services just sign-in into ZeroPC service and done, you are login into all your services in one single sign up. Above all they have free and premium accounts and you can choose packages based on your requirements.

ZeroPC Cloud Content Service

ZeroPC Cloud Content Manager Features:

  • With ever growing internet services its very difficult to manage all your accounts specially remembering usernames and passwords for all services. So we need some kind of service that will do this work for us and we only have to remember this services username and password. With ZeroPC is very easy to combine all your email accounts and even social networking messages. Reply to all your messages of different accounts via this service.
  • If you have more than one cloud storage accounts and want to combine these storage services than they will not allow you to do so. That’s where ZeroPC comes handy and you can access all your cloud storage accounts in single sign-in and access you files, SugarSync and Evernote. You can even access files from your personal desktop computer too.
  • Quick Share one of the new features of ZeroPC is an easy way to share all your content via your browser. With just one click you can access all your content whether it is on your own personal computer at home or in your all cloud services.
  • The best advantage of using cloud service is that you will never lose your stuff again and with ZeroPC service you will never forget your username and password again.
  • Have you ever imagine moving your files from Facebook to lets say Flickr with drag ad drop facility. Now you don’t have to mess around with your all internet stuff when you can just drag and drop your files from one service to another. Its really super cool thing to share files with this much ease and convenience.
  • Create your own virtual desktop with cloud applications, customize e settings and even share this desktop with your friends. Create virtual songs play-list, images and videos play list. Just click publish button after creating your play list and it will be shared with your friends.
  • Its even have Talkwheel Group Discussion Platform which creates an enjoyable group to discuss your virtual desktop applications and sharing tools.
  • No need to install third party messenger and chat application when you have the ability to chat right from your browser window.
  • Shipped with ThinkFree Online Office Suite which is very similar to the Microsoft office 2010. You can very easily create, open edit and view your office file in it.
  • Now you can access your files and folders located on your local machine. View file and even edit them right from your gadget.
  • No need to look for paper and diary for your notes when you can easily write down your notes using ZeroPC Sticky feature.