Google from time to time releases different promotional coupon codes for webmasters like we already share with you Get Free Google Adwords 100$ Coupon Code and Get Free 75$ Google AdWords Voucher but this time they come up with a free $75 Google Adwords coupon for video Adwords. In this promotion only Google will give $50 million worth of free Adwords coupon codes to all newly created Adwords accounts. All you need to do is to signup via special URL mention below and get you free coupon code via email.

The world’s biggest search engine announced today that they will be offering $75 vouchers to over 500K small businesses enterprises absolutely free of cost. Although they have said 500K number but its not the set number and can be increased so its time for you to grab some free coupon codes.

Google Adwords Coupon for Video Adwords Advertising

What is Google Adword for Video content?

This was introduced by Google back in September 2011 for YouTube videos. Although the technology is still the same but you use it only on YouTube videos owned by Google.

How Google Adwords for Video works?

Google Adwords is an advertising program where you only pay for clicks not for impressions. You have to create your own campaign and set your budget. But in this case you will only be charged when some one views your ad before watching the video. This program is now officially launched and Google is giving-away free vouchers to all the new Adwords accounts.

How to Get $75 Free Google Adwords Coupon?

1. Getting free $74 coupon code for your new Adwords account is very easy. Just visit the URL mention below and signup for free account.

2. Enter all you details including Name, Email, Working website and phone number and click on Request credit now button.

3. You will receive an email from Google within 2 hours with free coupon code.

Visit Official $75 Free Google Adwords Coupon Page Here

How to Use $75 Free Google Adwords Coupon?

1. Sign-in into your Adwords account and click on Billing Tab -> More Actions -> Apply a Promotion Code.

2. On next screen enter you promotion code you just received from Google and enjoy the free credit.

Understanding Promotional Code Issues:

  • You tried applying the code in the wrong region.
  • You made a typo when you entered the code.
  • Your account’s too old.
  • Your promotional code is expired.
  • You tried to use multiple codes, or one code on multiple accounts.
  • You’ve used the maximum number of promotional codes you’re allowed.
  • You tried applying the code to existing costs.
  • You applied a code that you didn’t receive from Google.