Alertpay has decided that its time to change and there new name is Payza which will be officially launched on May 14, 2012. They have promised to bring you the fastest, safest, easiest and cheapest way to send and receive money across the globe. I know lots of people are not happy with Alertpay right now and some of them are saying that Alertpay is Scam but i think that its good move by them. This is not only the change but they are saying that it will also bring some more features to the system and verification process will be easier than ever before.

alertpay is now payza

What is Payza?

Payza is the global online payment platform that specializes in e-commerce processing, corporate disbursements, and remittances for individuals and businesses around the world. Payza members will be able to load funds to and from their accounts via bank transfer, bank wire, credit/debit card and check, according to the specific regulations for each country.

Payza Features:

  • New service offerings
  • Smartphone- & mobile phone-friendly access
  • More countries and additional currencies
  • Global bank wire loads in more currencies
  • Enhanced customer support
  • A completely redesigned and easier-to-use website
  • More e-wallet loading and withdrawing options

Lots of you may be thinking that this might effect you like what about money in your Alertpay account or if you are using their services for your business. One thing is for sure that this will not effect your account at all and the only thing will change is the name of the website.

Some people are saying that Payza will be a PayPal alternative for countries where PayPal is not available. If this happens than this will be a good news for countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan etc.

Via PRweb