From the last few days many friends of mine saying that your website is not loading on Evo and PTCL network and i was very surprised to hear this because my website was never down in these days. But when i try to verify this problem and ask other people from various parts of Pakistan to see the result and i was shocked. The website is not loading all over the Pakistan but only on PTCL network. Oh god when will they upgrade there system and infrastructure because its the fault on there side not on my site or hosting server.

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Solution to this Problem:

Permanent solution to this problem would be that PTCL upgrade there system like Wi-Tribe, Qubee etc and you will never face this problem anywhere in Pakistan. But unfortunately PTCL is not a private institution and works under the supervisory of Government so you can expect how much can it take to upgrade there system. So its better that every user optimize his/her Lan card settings mention below and this is also a permanent solution unless you reinstall your windows.

What is DNS?

Before moving now first we have to understand that what is DNS. DNS means Domain Name Server and its a free service which translates user input domain names like into IP address. This has to be done because Internet is consists of IP addresses not domain names but the problem is that its very difficult for humans to remember IP address rather than domain names like it is very difficult to remember rather than for humans. So DNS server changes these names into IP address free of cost for you.

Google DNS.

Yes Google is every where and they have there own DNS service too. You can use Google Domain Name Service which is mostly recommended for faster browsing and download.

IP address:

IP address:

Open DNS.

This is another great free service you can use. Its settings are mention below and works great like Google service.

IP address:

IP address:

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Fix problem by Changing DNS Settings.

The solution to your problem is very easy. All you have to do is to change the Default DNS settings mention in your Lan card to some thing like Google or Open DNS and save the settings. Follow the simply steps mention below.

1. For windows 7 Goto ControlPanel -> Network and Sharing Center and Click Change Adapter Settings.(in windows Xp this might be different)

2. Now right click on your Lan Card Adpater Icon and click properties. This will open up a properties dialog box for you.

3. Now Select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) from the list and Click on properties button.

4. Now you will see that by default this option is selected “Obtain DNS server address automatically”.

5. Select this option “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” and enter the DNS settings mention above.

6. That’s it save the settings and you will now never see a 404 error page on PTCL network.

ptcl dns settings