The use of internet in our daily lives has drastically increased. This will further rise in the years to come. The problem that one faces is the cost that they have to bear for the service. The more the usage, the more is the cost that one has to bear. Net users constantly try to find out ways that cater to their needs but at a lower price. There are several service providing companies that offer services at lower rates.

cheap internet service

One needs to be discreet, while choosing from the list of such services. There are a few things that one needs to consider while opting for such a service. The prime thing that one needs to focus on is the purpose for which they need the connection. There are several types of cheap internet services and each of them varies in price.

Let us consider the various types of internet connections. That would help in comprehending the advantages that each of them provides.

The dial up internet connection – This is a pretty low priced internet connection and also the most typical one. This connection requires a telephone line. The advantages that these connections provide are:

  • Low cost service – This is the most important aspect of this connection. They bear a low price tag. It helps people to maintain a steady budget without having to pay much for the service.
  • Safe from hacking – Users of a dial up connection gets the benefit of a feature known as rotational IP. This enables them to get a fresh IP number, each time they go online. This prevents the computer from being hacked, the risk of which looms large with other forms of internet connections.
  • Easy availability – The service of this connection can be availed from any place, provided the ISP functions there.

The only disadvantage with this type of a connection is with its speed. They are not as fast as a broadband and might cause issues while trying to download files from the internet or listening to online music. This is suitable for those who limit their internet usage to sending and receiving emails.

The satellite internet connection – This connection is prevalent mostly in rural areas where a dial up or broadband service is not available. The problem with this type of a connection is that they get easily affected by rough weather conditions.

The broadband internet connection – This is the fastest way of connecting to the web. A broadband measurement service can be further classified into a few categories. These are cable modem and fiber optics. The speed depends on the propinquity between the bandwidth that is used and the computer. This connection is pretty useful in doing important tasks like net banking, submitting online projects, downloading and uploading files and other such things.

Therefore it is better to know your own needs before opting for any of the services. One can find the list of plans that various companies offer. Many websites also provide the benefit of comparing the similar services that are offered by different companies. This helps in selecting the best offer at cheap price.