Now a days the most used application in our computer is perhaps the internet browsers and life seems to be boring without it. Many people just install browsers and they are happy with it but they don’t realize that its the way to connect them from the rest of the world and there are some bad guys as well watching for security loop holes. Now you don’t have to be panic here because below i am discussing some simple 5 tips which you need to implement and forget about security risks.

browser vulnerability

1. Internet Browser Scripts.

What user see is called user interface which is a graphical representation of some scripts running behind the wall. Browsers also run scripts like JavaScript, Flash and ActiveX etc which are used in order to enhance the functionality but some scripts may harm your computer as well.

So you have to keep an eye of the scripts used by your Internet Browser whether its is used by trust worthy websites or websites which contains malware or viruses. Recently many companies have stopped using flash because lots of hackers are using this script to hack your system.

2. Cookies.

Well most common term used in our daily life but you haven’t realize the importance of it. Cookies are just a tiny data packages used by web severs to send and store information across the web. Mainly eCommerce websites used Cookies to store information on your system.

The main purpose for which Cookies used today is to login into your accounts so that you don’t have to enter your username and passwords again and again. The big problem with Cookies is that it can be very easily exploit by malicious software’s. Modern browsers like Firefox Nightly and Chrome will alert you from storing third party cookies.

3. Lack of Updates and Antivirus.

Lots of user just install web browsers and forgot about it. That’s the biggest problem because every version of internet browser has some loop holes in it so its necessary that when ever company updates its browser than you also update it.

Install some kind of antivirus or spyware into your computer so that no viruses or malicious code can be injected into your system. One of the best antivirus we have right now is Norton Antivirus 2012 which you can also get free for 6 months.

4. Built-In Vulnerabilities.

After the failure of internet explorer which was a most used browser some years ago many people are now moving towards alternative of it. Many people are now trying new browsers to have some new and extra functionalities but you have to be very careful choosing these one because they can easily carry malicious code in it.

5. No URL Filtering.

URL filtering is another method to stop hackers from entering into your system. These types of websites are reported everyday via cloud technology and their is no reason why you will also be protected from these websites. You can use McAfee SiteAdvisor Live Free in order to filter URL’s.