Last year we saw lots of young Pakistani bloggers join blogosphere and now a healthy competition is going on between them. Few months back i posted an article on Top 10 Earning Blogs and Bloggers in Pakistan which got huge attention and popularity so its time to move on and make some new interesting list based on young talent of Pakistan. Previous list was totally based on Alexa ranking but after a lots of recent complaints about Alexa results i decided to add few other measures to rank Pakistani bloggers so that the deserving one should be at the top.

young pakistani bloggers

So before saying any thing about this list please read this ranking criteria.

Ranking Criteria:

1. Blogger age must be 20 years or below.

2. Must have top level domain.

3. Alexa Rank.

4. Page Rank of blog.

5. Domain Age.(minimum 6 months)

6. Number of articles.(minimum 50)

7. Blog Subscribers.

So based on these points here is the list of Top 10 Young Pakistani Bloggers.

1. Ahmad Awais of

ahmed awais

2. Abdul Rehman Agha of

abdul rehman agha

3. Hassam Ahmad Awan of

Hassam Ahmad

4. Ammar Ali of

ammar ali

5. Zeeshan Waheed of

zeeshan waheed

6. Haider Afridi of

haider afridi

7. Syed Faizan Ali of

syed faizan ali

8. Abdulsalam Khan of

Abdulsalam Khan

9. Faisal Rahim of

Faisal Rahim

10. Anas khan of

anas khan