Photography is one of the most actively pursuit hobbies in the world, thanks to those high resolution cameras coming with the mobile phones or smart phones. Pursuing photography as a hobby is not costly at all, all you need is to set aside some money and purchase a DSLR camera, and you are all set to start. But wouldn’t it be nice if you can take this inexpensive hobby one step ahead and actually earn from your photographs online (with little or no investment)? I can hear an eager “yes” coming from all those immature photographers who would love to earn a part time income while pursuing this hobby. Well, if you are one of those guys, you should be thanking the heaven that you are living in the age of Internet.

Cyber world is a magnificent place, because it allows you to earn from almost any kind of skill or expertise that you have, and photography is one of those skills that can generate good part time income for people who know the right places and the right ways to earn online. Selling your images at stock photography sites (like istockphoto or jupiterimages) is the most commonly used method to make money for amateur photographs. But some of you must be looking to have more control over your collection and the revenues, for these people there’s always an option to start your own blog.

Make Money Online via Photography

These blogs are known as photo blogs and hundreds and thousands of amateur photographers are turning towards this medium to gain recognition and earning via photography. Starting a photo blog is incredibly easy, thanks to WordPress and a number of free WordPress themes available for free, but the problem starts when you are looking to monetize your photo blog.

A big majority of bloggers use Adsense or other similar platforms to make money, but most of these advertising networks are built solely for text based content. But thankfully, there are some companies which are starting to offer advertising programs for images as well, that you can use with your photographs and make money on CPC or CPM basis. Following are the top five in-image advertising platforms for amateur photographers looking to earn extra income.


Luminate is known as the Adsense for images, it offers an App for the images at your website, having the features like Social, Commerce, Public Service, and Media, but the best feature is of course the advertising App that allows you to run text or image ads over your photographs. You will have to apply to get this feature activated; their team will take a look at your blog and the quality of images. If approved, you can proceed to use Luminate to earn from your images.


GumGum is a very popular platform for In Image advertisers and publishers. When you sign up with GumGum as a publisher, your images will be having contextually relevant ads, and you will be able to earn good income on CPM basis. They have got some well-known brands as advertisers so you can earn a handsome amount via ads placement.

ImageSpace Media:

Another option is Image Space Media that allows you to make money via advertisements in your images and photographs. Image Space Media promises to deliver the best contextual ads for the advantage of both publishers and advertisers. They claim to maximize the ROI and earning potential by taking geo targeting, and audience re-targeting into account.


Overlayad is powered by Admedia, and the procedure is the same as any other advertising network. You will have to submit your blog for review, and it will be approved after careful assessment by their team. The ads will appear only when your visitor take their mouse over the images. Overlayad also offers the Video advertisements, banners, Text ads and text plus image ads for the publishers.


AdsinImages is powered by Kontextua, and even though it is not as popular as GumGum or Luminate, but they have their own plus points. For example there is no minimum payout and you can receive the payment via PayPal, Payoneer or even Bank Transfers, which is good for publishers residing in places where PayPal is not available.

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