Talking of social media and the only thing comes to the mind is facebook, twitter , YouTube, digg and delicious. It has brought up the whole business world in to one room.  You want to buy or sell anything?  Just name the brand and it’s just a click away.

social media Impact on seo

How interactive sites have been able to bring the global brand awareness on the internet? This question is very much simple to answer if one understands the use of SEO in social media. Interactive sites or social media have not only successfully brought people together but it also accomplished the task of creating awareness about the brand among the customers.

It is the social media business which have made it easier for the producers to make their brand name a known brand name among the customers and clients. Customer and client usually and mostly use these web sites to utilize their vacant time without any stress or work load, this is the reason due to which the marketer uses it to advertise their product .this gives a perfect exposure to their product before the target customers.

The whole crux of the above discussion is that all this have helped SEO in a long way. One would assume that how is that possible?

Talking about web site ranking ,page ranking , article, reviews , blog grading  etc it can be reckoned that first of all Google gives value to social media tools. This is because it believes that the users are not fake and this has got many more reasons than one this can be due to following:

  • Social media not only increases page ranking but also brand product awareness, customer attraction and retention, online business, creating reputation. For example face book in 2012 has successfully established itself as a well known name in the world. An online marketer, business owner or producer when set up his profile on face book and creatively uploads the information about his product via videos, caricatures, images and logo etc.
  • This helps him to attract the large number of customers in the form of visitors, social fans and friends with the increased number of likes, comments, shares the awareness of the product increases and amount of traffic is also increased which indirectly helps the functioning of SEO.
  • The social media not only benefits the product brand improvement but it also benefits the customers. As the owners keep updating the product information regularly, this helps the customer to be adhered to the changes or new additions in their preferable brand’s product.
  • Not only face book but there are other websites which are social media websites and they do promote the brands but specifically like twitter helps journalist, LinkedIn helps professionals to improve their skills by sharing knowledge and experiences via setting up their profiles on LinkedIn, YouTube and MySpace helps in promoting music and videos.
  • Any SEO expert can improve the websites ranking by setting up their profiles on theses social media websites in more than one creative manner. Various high quality social bookmarking sites are also helpful in accomplishing their task of increasing their websites ranking. An SEO expert would give more efforts to increase the ranking of brand name for user and not the brand itself.

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