With the latest update of Google have jumped a little all the formats and guidelines to optimize and position a web site. After more than a month of study to understand what has really changed, I pulled a little sums and based on experience, positive or negative, experienced by the websites of my clients think I’ve figured out what happened.

post google penguin update

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Who was the most penalized by Google Penguin:

  1. News aggregators.
  2. Websites that have focused their activities on 2 or 3 keywords on which all pointed links.
  3. Websites with content too short relative to the average of its sector.
  4. Web Sites with excessive use of keywords.

What are the reasons that have been damaged?

1. Aggregators have duplicate content, and therefore useless as search results.

2. Google Penguin effect penalizes too many links with the same anchor text, but it does when it exceeds a threshold very high. This happens when the links are in insert in sidebar footer or Web sites and are therefore present in every page of the site. With this scheme are generated thousands of links from the same domain, index link man-made (of course the links in the footer or are you or you bought them). It must be said that if the sidebar or footer is your only link as “powered by” etc … is quietly tolerated by Google. Google punishes when the sitewide links are part of a set of outgoing links all put one behind the other, the typical pattern “friendly links” or “blogroll”.

3. The new update, says Matt Cutts, is aimed at improving the quality of the results and try to exclude those who manipulate the SERPs with the link is not natural but also writes the content flimsy. In this case you are not penalized, simply Google believes that you have provided little “juice” then the argument there considers the height of the TOP 10.

4. Now Google’s algorithm is quite evolved to do a calculation obvious but very interesting, ie computing the set of words used by all web sites about a specific topic. This set of words has a minimum and maximum number of occurrences of each word, if you do not fit into these SPAMMOSI RANGE course you are or if you go over or irrelevant if you go below the threshold. Obviously, Google’s algorithm is much more complex than what I wrote, my example is just to make the idea … makes it seem a bullshit Google’s algorithm.

How should involve those who had only a few keywords penalized?

1. First of all, if you have not received the communication in webmaster tools that you asked to solve the problem of link not natural, then do not be, as they say in Naples, the “mental blowjobs”, you have not been penalized. simply your content not like the new algorithm, and then edit them all.

2. If you have received notice from WMT and did not answer then you have been penalized, but definitely not the entire site, only for those keywords for which inbound links were not natural. this is a punishment that google has applied to make you lose all the link building work done so far … if you were doing.

3. In this case, the penalty is not like websites that have provided outbound links, here is the penalty for something different and milder, Google has simply cut off the legs at all the links you get and of course you were fallen down with the keywords…

4. The solution is one, start over, to make the link building in a different way, according wait to vary the anchor text so much, we also wasting some link-load … patience …

In conclusion, i think it’s changed so much in terms of locations of web sites for seo but has changed very little, was punitive action one time and have been designated as new rules, you have to start from zero to some, others have only be retrieved using the new strategies. nothing particularly complex or difficult, it was only an intervention of google to create the chaos between seo and seo customers, so calm, patience, strategy, and it starts quietly but essentially not changed anything as complex.

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