This is the second interview on Internet Khazana after the first interview of Syed Balkhi the owner of  The purpose of these interviews is to bring some awareness in the youth of Pakistan specially in blogger’s community. Its really amazing when you see lots of young pakistani male and females dominating the IT world. In the last interview we see how Syed balkhi at the age of 22 years becomes pro-blogger and icon in the industry. Mehwish Abdul Sattar is also one of them who at very young age dominate the IT field with her efforts and hardwork.

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About Mehwish Abdul Sattar

Ms. Mehwish Abdul Sattar is the Chairperson of 3wOgle Group of Companies and Youngest Lady Entrepreneur of Pakistan till date with over 5 plus years of experience in the Information Technology Sector, helping clients to align IT strategies with corporate strategic objectives across all departments, divisions, and locations. Throughout her IT career, Ms. Mehwish has led over dozens of IT projects for clients in various services, fields and/or industries. She is a motivator speaker and trainer too plus Social Media Consultant.

She completed her Masters in Genetics from the Karachi University and was one of top student of her batch. But due to the unavailable job opportunities in her field of masters she tried her luck in the I.T industry and got her first job of content writing in a well known multinational organization, with the passage of time she was promoted to the SEO department and within the short period of 3 months she was the manger of her depart, it doesn’t ends here and after some time she was the 50% share holder of that company and 100% working partner.

She gave everything to her company but got nothing in return as she was unaware of the business fraudulent and politics. From the age of 8, her hardwork and moral support from her mother are the only tools which gave her success in every step of life. Despite all those heartbroken incidents and cruelties of this world, she never gave up and started her own company with Rs. 30,000 only which was the last amount in her pocket at that time and now 3wOgle has turned into a group of companies affiliated with many local and international organizations.

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Awards Won by Mehwish

Her company 3wogle Group of Companies is the Emerging Brand Award Winner for The Year 2010 given by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Her blog has been awarded as the Best infotainment Blog of 2011 at blog awards organized by Google and other giants of IT industry. Ms Mehwish herself has been awarded as the Youngest Lady Talent Award of Pakistan from Arsh Media and the title of Youngest Lady Entrepreneur of I.T industry in Pakistan still belongs to her only. She is an inspiration for the youth of this country and an example in herself.

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