After creating lists of Top 10 bloggers of Pakistan and Top 10 young Pakistani bloggers its time to create another list which will be based on Urdu bloggers. It will be unfair if i ignore this list because Urdu is our national language and lots of Pakistani bloggers are blogging in Urdu. So it will be some kind of tribute to them for doing such a wonderful job because blogging in Urdu is not an easy thing to do as it may sound to you. You have to completely customize your blog in order to make it compatible for Urdu writing and face the different challenges which  English blogger will never face.

top 10 best urdu blogs bloggers

Why blog in Urdu.

As i said earlier Urdu is our national language and we may find more local readers for our blog as compared to English blogs. But the main problem is that Urdu blogs have no monetization methods which mean you cannot earn with Urdu blogs and it’s very disappointing. So if you are willing to start a blog in Urdu than my friend you have to pay the expenses of your blog from your pocket.

Top 10 Urdu Blogs in Pakistan.

When i started searching for Urdu blogs on internet i found quite a few blogs but the problem was that those blogs are not regularly updated  and also almost all of them provide no personal information which is very astonishing. I mean when you blog publicly than your blog audience wants to know about you. So i think that all bloggers should have clear “About Me” page in which they should also add some images and personal details. I classify some of the blogs with and without author information because i haven’t found any author information as well images of them.

How i Rate Urdu blogs.

As you may expect these blogs have low international Alexa rank due to the nature of the blogs. So i ranked blogs with following criteria.

  1. Alexa Rank in Pakistan.
  2. Page Rank.
  3. Blog Posts.
  4. Facebook Fans.
  5. Blog Design.
  6. Regularly updates or not.

Here is a list of Top 10 Urdu Blogs and bloggers in Pakistan.

1. Muhammad Zohair Chohan of

Muhammad Zohair Chohan

2. M Bilal Mahmood of

M Bilal Mahmood

3. Aamir Attaa of

Aamir Attaa of ppurdu

4. Muhammad Asad of

Muhammad Asad

5. Muhammad Bilal Khan of

Muhammad Bilal Khan




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