College life is busy and expensive. But you still want to have fun and keep up with your hectic schedule, right? Who says you can’t have fun while saving money and staying organized too? Let your smartphone be the responsible one and do all the hard work. The following apps will help you to do all of these things and more, and best of all, they’re free!

Top Smartphone Applications

Apps for Android and iPhone

Around Campus - (Android only. Coming soon to iPhone) This app is available for a vast number of colleges and universities. It not only offers coupons and deals to surrounding participating businesses; it’s designed specifically for the student in mind. This app also features easily accessible local business maps, websites and phone numbers.

Amazon Student - (Android and iPhone) Aimed directly at college students, this app allows you to scan items for easy price checking with its built-in scanner, buy stuff in a snap with one-click ordering, and even trade-in your used textbooks for cold hard cash.

Campus Special – (Android and iPhone) Order food on the fly with this slick app, right from your phone. Search for discounts and printable coupons to your favorite local hangout, and browse menus at the touch of a finger.

Cash4Books – (Android and iPhone) The perfect app to buy textbooks for much lower prices, and sell them back for maximum prices. Just scan the barcode on any book to get instant price quotes for buying. When you’re ready to sell it back, just print out the prepaid shipping label and toss it in a mailbox, it’s that easy. Get paid instantly through Paypal.

Checkbook – (Android and iPhone) Know where every penny goes with this handy app. Easily input expenses as they happen, and mark recurring transactions so you know just how much moolah you have at all times. No chance of losing that paper checkbook anymore! Safe, secure and smart.

College Life Connection - (Android and iPhone) Another great app to help you save money and stay organized all at the same time. Includes integrated coupons for instant use at many local businesses. Currently, it has a limited campus selection, but more are on the way. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates on this app.

Gas Guru: Cheap Gas and more – (Android and iPhone) Have a long commute? Then you’ll want to know where the best prices for gas are in your area–no matter where you are! Also includes nearby locations for roadside assistance, ATMs, car repair, coffee shops and local restaurants. Amazing.

Dorm Life – (iPhone only and costs .99) This cool app helps you keep track of those pesky dorm mates with a fully customizable Roommates tab, while keeping your budget on track and alerting you to important tasks and events. Input recurring costs and purchases to stay up-to-the-minute on every precious dollar.

Groupon – (Android and iPhone) A must-have app for your social life! There are literally countless daily coupons to use on food and entertainment, products, services, events and clubs. The awesome extra “now” feature can find on-the-spot deals to use right then and there. It also includes a rewards program to help you earn points towards free stuff from your favorite places.

Kindle - (Android and iPhone) Relax with countless free books, downloadable right to your phone. This means fewer books to carry around, and a great way to take a break from all that heavy studying without breaking the bank. Hey, that means you’ll have money left over for that late.

Living Social – (Android and iPhone) This is a great app to have the most fun at the cheapest price. It features wide and varied discounts on getaways as well as restaurants, concerts, museums and more.

StudentLife Organizer - (iPhone only) The essential app to keep your busy schedule under control. Input your courses to keep track of homework, test dates and organize studying. It’s not all about business with this app; it will help you customize your events and keep that social calendar full.

Isn’t technology grand? New apps are being developed all the time, so it’s good to check your app store for the latest and greatest. On a broke college student budget? No problem! There are many free prepaid cell phone offers online to help you get started, without costing a semester’s tuition.