These days, it seems every individual, company and organization has its own blog. Some of them promote services, some of them promote products, and others just give people a place to vent. Whatever their purpose, no one can deny that they are a great way to reach the masses.

That being said, numerous businesses are incorporating some sort of blog into their online marketing campaigns in hopes of growing their market. However, many people shy away from this approach at first, worried they don’t have the skills or talent necessary to properly utilize a method that is still so new to us. But, the truth is, generations such as Millennials—who essentially grew up with the Internet and computers—are better equipped than they might realize. In fact, many of the fundamental skills needed to succeed in the world of blogging were instilled in them throughout their college careers.

Blogging Success

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Below is an overview of just some of the talents and abilities today’s students gain in college that help make them better bloggers.


Tech SavvyEven if your major was English, odds are you had to interact with a computer and varying types of software more than a dozen times throughout your college career. Even the simple task of signing up for courses each semester required and password and username to access the login page. While these may seem like trivial, inconsequential details that are just a part of life now, blogging resources are actually so much more than that, especially when you look at the big picture.

For instance, how many “updates” or “revisions” did that program undergo during your time as a student? If it’s anything like the majority of schools, it was probably more than a handful of times—meaning you had to relearn and retrain your brain each time. Now, factor in specific class websites, online forums and virtual classrooms you may have had to use. Chances are these didn’t all use the same interface or software—meaning that once again you had to teach yourself to seamlessly flow from one to the next. This is a vital skill that instilled a sort of “technological adaptability” in you. Sure you might not be able to program something or fix a computer, but you do have the innate ability to adjust to new media and forms of communicating—an irreplaceable, necessary skill for any blogger.

Whether writing for your own blog, your company’s page or as a guest poster on a similar site, you’ll be able to easily navigate from one to the other.

Little Fear of Failure and Rejection

Failure and RejectionIn the world of blogging, it needs to be known that from time to time people won’t like your ideas and may even reject the notions completely. For those who went to college, this is not a new concept. Even non-writing majors likely had to take at minimum ONE course that challenged them to write or even pitch ideas for projects—all with the risk of having them be rejected. While it may not have been their favorite thing in the world, they did it anyway because they had to or risk failing overall.

This reality has, therefore, equipped recent grads and students with a sort of resilience that is necessary not only in the competitive realm of online marketing and blogging but in life in general. By this point, they have likely received a less than favorable review, failing grade or some form of negative feedback or constructive criticism and had to take it in stride. This skill is so important because, if nothing else, blogging puts you out there. It forces you to express yourself and ideals for everyone to see, opening you up for either immense praise, public ridicule or a combination of the two.

Sure I could be being a bit dramatic here, but what I’m saying is at some point or another your blog will receive not so favorable marks from the public and possibly even your peers. Your guest post pitch will be rejected, your article denied—and that’s OK. It’s all in how you react in these situations. That’s when you have to call on your innate ability to accept rejection and failure, which you should have come close to perfecting in college. The sooner you realize you will make mistakes and accept it, the better blogger you will be.

Resourcefulness and Creativity

Resourcefulness and CreativityHow many times throughout your college career were you assigned a project, paper, whatever and sat there and thought “how in the world am I going to come up with something original for this?” If you are anything like the majority of college students out there it likely happened more than a few times. Professors and courses are constantly pushing their pupils to push the limits, test the waters of uncertainty and wow them with something they’ve never seen before. Recognizing our world’s need for critically-thinking, creative individuals like Syed Balkhi, schools refused to settle for mediocrity and rather demanded ingenuity and uniqueness from their students.

So you hit the drawing board, brainstormed idea after idea until you finally came up with a useful, different concept with which you could work and went from there. Sure, sometimes it got down to the wire due to procrastination and other bad habits, but somehow you always got it down and were usually half-proud of/impressed by your creations.

Well, the same is true of the world of blogging. People are inundated with so much information on a daily basis they are seeking something unique that stands out. Young Pakistani Bloggers have to constantly reinvent themselves, their content and their styles to stay on top and relevant, for if they don’t they risk being overlooked or forgotten—this is where your ingenuity comes into play. Just treat everything you do like your newest assignment from the hardest professor on campus and you’re sure to deliver results.

So, while you’re busy thinking twice about taking the plunge into the world of online marketing and blogging, remember that you are more cut out for the role than you might initially realize.